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(41 Reviews)

really love it!

2009 Ford Flex S. Hooper - Los Angeles, CA 03/22/2016

This is perfect for families, camping, beach, taking dogs, sports teams, grandparents. It does it all. We've owned 3, and I would buy a 4th. We still own the first '09, the other two were company cars on a lease. My '09 has been the most comfortable and smooth of all the years' models we've owned. the '13 we have now has a much stiffer ride. This '13 will be turned in for a '16. At 75,000 the recycled-air trap door behind the glove compartment has begun to click (found the fix online, easy to do) and the rear passenger door (curbside door that is used all the time) electric lock/door handle is acting up. Those are the only issues I've had in 7 years.

Great car

2009 Ford Flex RR - laurens, sc 11/15/2010

Love everything about this vehicle. Drives great, smooth ride, tons of space. I'm averaging about 22.5 MPG, up to 24 highway.

Ms Flexie

2009 Ford Flex z - Salina, KS 03/26/2012

I got my Ford Flex over Memorial day 2011. Ms. Flexy... aka my Ford Flex is the best car I have ever owned. I LOVE MY FLEX!!!!! I traded in my 1998 Plymouth Voyager after 116,000 miles. I never expected to find another vehicle which I would love, more than that van. Boy was I wrong. I have been for very happy with my Flex. I drive it everywhere and tell anyone who will listen why I chose the vehicle. What is really funny is I never had heard of the Ford Flex until we started car shopping and saw a Flex in the Ford dealership lot in Salina, KS. I must say that at first glance I wasn't sold on the shape. However after looking at every lot in Salina, McPherson, Wichita & KC I had to try out this brown Flex. Something keep nagging at me to try out this car. When I did try it out I was sold and would have bought that Flex. However my dealer said that he could get me a Flex with less mile if I could wait one day. I said ok. On that Friday before Memorial Day, I went back to the lot and saw the most unique, sexy, metallic, silver, Ford Flex.....I WAS SOLD. Now let me tell you what sold me on the Flex....I am a large women and the seating it a perfect fit for my body in addition to having enough head room for my son who is 6,2". First off, I think that the slick, clean line is very sexy and I really like the solid color better than the two tone Flexes. Every seat is extremely comfortable to set in, with plenty of leg room and of cup holders for all. The seats are very easy to lay down and easy to return to an upright position. I love the dark, black. hand stitched, leather seats, and of course the AWESOME HEATED SEATS. Ms. Flexy has all the bells and whistle which I have never had before. Therefore I needed to read the handbook, which was a breeze to read and understand. I find the heated seats impossible to live without now, and the sound system is really fantastic. I tell everyone that I would live in Ms. Flexy if she had a toilet. The best thing of all is my kids think I am in the "now" because before I got my Flex I had only saw one other Flex. Now there are Flexes in all colors, driving around Salina. Therefore I was a TREND SETTER according to my kids. YEA MOM!!! Overall I LOVE my Ford Flex and we will be together for a long, long time. THANK YOU FORD for making my now 1st Ford Flex!!!!

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2009 Ford Flex SE Specifications

262 horsepower@6250rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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