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Used 2009 Ford Flex for Sale

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Reviews for 2009 Ford Flex

Overall Rating

4.7 out of 5(41 reviews)

Love the Flex!

I really do enjoy this car. I traded in a Mercedes Benz, which I found to be a very stylish but boring car (believe it or not). While my sexy flexy (which I lovingly call her) is so much fun! I got a 6 cd changer, dvd player, SYNC (LOVE IT!!!!) Sirius Radio, plus MP3 player capability (have yet to use it). Heated seats, real leather SEATS (the Benz was leatherette-what is that???!! ha) wood grain on the dash, remote start, memory seats! I mean seriously, the flex rocks!!!! The gas consumption isn't the best (still better than the Benz though by far!!) but I find myself having to refill often. I have a large family, this car FITS everyone comfortably. I'm talking husband (large man!), wife, 3 kids and 2 in-laws! Plus room to add bags, backpacks and other stuff in the rear. Ohhh I forgot the power liftgate. Loving that too! So much ease. It isn't the fastest thing on the road either, I find people flying past me and leaving me in the dust when the light changes (ha!) BUT its a gloriously SMOOTH RIDE, we did a quickie trip (2 hours) and it was wonderful. Can't wait for our long distance summer trip to the beach! Once it eventually accelerates and gets up to 40+ its smooth sailing. I may just need to have a few things checked (it was used) but beyond the hesitant acceleration (which I really don't mind at all, im not a speed demon or a lead foot) ...I can honestly say I DO GREATLY ENJOY THIS CAR and WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO A FRIEND AND MOM'S who want a large enough vehicle but not a MINI-VAN. It's a rockin' SUV.

- saw, 2009 Ford Flex

My Beautiful Flex

February 3, 2012 was both a wonderful and horrible day for me. We bought a beautiful two-tone 2009 Ford Flex and on the way home with it we had an accident. My beautiful car was not so beautiful anymore and never made it into our driveway. The insurance company was wonderful even though we hadn't even insured it yet and they had the car fixed. It took 45 long days, but when I finally got my my Flex back, I fell in love with it all over again. The Flex is a great vehicle and has some great safety features that really protected me in the accident. My whole family loves the car and it is great for our family of five people including 3 teenage boys. I highly recommend the Flex to any family.

- FlexLover, 2009 Ford Flex

The Flex is a fun Car

Many of us find different things in cars, from gearheads who love torque and displacement to the soccer parents who love easy in and easy out movement of carloads of kids. The bottom line is that what makes car good will vary from person to person. With that in mind, my review is from the perspective of someone who broke away from the typical SUV to get a really fun station wagon. It sounds so juvenile to recommend a car because it's fun, but that is exactly the feature Ford has bottled successfully with the Flex. It has a great interior with pretty much any amenity you could imagine. The console has options to download music from CDs into Jukebox, to connect mp3 players wirelessly, to play the radio, or to just enjoy the sound of a CD you pop in. I joke with my family that my Flex is really my four-wheeled ipod. The navigation system is great, and far more helpful than the ones we've had in other cars. Sync allows you to talk to the nav system while in motion, which has proven highly beneficial on a few trips. It's a user friendly system that quickly goes from intimidating at first glance to a tool I'm not sure I could do without. The seats are comfortable and the interior is spacious. My 6'7" friend sits comfortably in both the front seats and the middle seats. The car has plenty of get-up-and-go for my style, but I'm not one to try to beat the car next to me off the line. It handles really well while having feel of a large car. The sight lines are great. I was worried coming down from a higher perspective afforded by my previous SUV, but I see better out of the Flex than I did before. I appreciate the gas mileage, which is better than I ever expected from a station wagon. On a couple of occasions I've had all six seats filled, and to my surprise it handled well and people had their space. I've hauled 34 50-pound boxes on a 400-mile trek, and the car performed great, even up a steep 4000-ft elevation change. If I have any complaint about the Flex it's the somewhat flimsy feel of the trim. You can tell it's cheap in some places. I had troubled when my Jukebox option got stuck on a track it couldn't process, and that wreaked havoc on the entire system for a few weeks. That's been the only issue to date. If you're looking for that joy of driving feel you got when you first got your license, this car might just bring it back.

- MCAT Guy, 2009 Ford Flex

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