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2012 Ford Flex Shannon - Fairfax, OK 07/14/2014

It's very comfortable, handles very well, lots of room and versatility in seating and hauling cargo.

Love, love, love it!!!

2009 Ford Flex MooreFam5 - Southern California 04/26/2009

We quickly went from a 3-person to a 5-person family in less than 2 yrs. Grudgingly my husband realized it was time to trade in the prized King Ranch 150 for something a little more accomodating. He was the first to see the Flex on TV and I quickly said "No way". I told him it was ugly and looked like a XL Scion box. He stopped by a dealership, called me and promised if I saw it in person I would fall in love. He was so right. I can't think of one thing I would change about it. We have now had it for almost 6m. and I still love to look back at our three kids (two babies in car seats) amazed at how much room everyone has. We chose a Limited with the 2-2-2 seating option leaving the center aisle open for easy 3rd row access and lots of additional storage space (We keep 2 umbrella strollers there when traveling. As cool as it is, the refrigeration unit is quite small and just wasn't practical for our family). The automatic folding seats in the middle are AMAZING! You literally don't have to do anything but press a button. They fold back up with a solid push, no levers or straps necessary. The automatic trunk opener on the key fob is also wonderful with kids, groceries, strollers, or anything else you have to lug around. With one free finger you push an interior button and the door closes (with safety sensors of course). All the extra features available with the Flex are so worth it. The interior is gorgeous yet very comfortable. It's also a stunning vehicle that people have actually flagged us down or slowed to an almost complete stop to ask us about. My 9 yr old loves it. He says it feels like we're in a limo because of the attention it gets. I should also mention the ride is so smooth and easy, stereo sound is great, gas mileage is better than you would expect from something so roomy. This is a great quality vehicle and we're so satisfied with it. Definitely worth a look!

The Flex is a fun Car

2009 Ford Flex MCAT Guy - Los Angeles, CA 02/09/2012

Many of us find different things in cars, from gearheads who love torque and displacement to the soccer parents who love easy in and easy out movement of carloads of kids. The bottom line is that what makes car good will vary from person to person. With that in mind, my review is from the perspective of someone who broke away from the typical SUV to get a really fun station wagon. It sounds so juvenile to recommend a car because it's fun, but that is exactly the feature Ford has bottled successfully with the Flex. It has a great interior with pretty much any amenity you could imagine. The console has options to download music from CDs into Jukebox, to connect mp3 players wirelessly, to play the radio, or to just enjoy the sound of a CD you pop in. I joke with my family that my Flex is really my four-wheeled ipod. The navigation system is great, and far more helpful than the ones we've had in other cars. Sync allows you to talk to the nav system while in motion, which has proven highly beneficial on a few trips. It's a user friendly system that quickly goes from intimidating at first glance to a tool I'm not sure I could do without. The seats are comfortable and the interior is spacious. My 6'7" friend sits comfortably in both the front seats and the middle seats. The car has plenty of get-up-and-go for my style, but I'm not one to try to beat the car next to me off the line. It handles really well while having feel of a large car. The sight lines are great. I was worried coming down from a higher perspective afforded by my previous SUV, but I see better out of the Flex than I did before. I appreciate the gas mileage, which is better than I ever expected from a station wagon. On a couple of occasions I've had all six seats filled, and to my surprise it handled well and people had their space. I've hauled 34 50-pound boxes on a 400-mile trek, and the car performed great, even up a steep 4000-ft elevation change. If I have any complaint about the Flex it's the somewhat flimsy feel of the trim. You can tell it's cheap in some places. I had troubled when my Jukebox option got stuck on a track it couldn't process, and that wreaked havoc on the entire system for a few weeks. That's been the only issue to date. If you're looking for that joy of driving feel you got when you first got your license, this car might just bring it back.

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2012 Ford Flex SE Specifications

262 horsepower@6250rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway
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