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Used 2011 Ford Flex SEL for Sale

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Reviews for 2011 Ford Flex

Overall Rating

4.7 out of 5(30 reviews)


We had this car for a year and loved it. Recently it had been declared totaled. It was involved in an accident. My wife and our friend, along with our 11 month old daughter, and our friend's 3 year old son walked away unscathed after be hit in a side impact collision. The side air bags deployed and thankfully everyone was unharmed. My wife and I are looking to replace our Flex with another one, not only because it is a great vehicle that fit our family of 5's needs, but because we know that we'll all be safe in it.

- Rustin Chole, 2011 Ford Flex

Best Ever Alternative to a Minivan

I frankly love this car more than any other car I've ever owned, including my Miata in my single/childless days. I researched for two years before finally buying this car, and I'm very glad I did. I have three kids - ages 7, 10 and 13 - and my husband has one who is 7 years old. His mother is frequently with us as well, and is very anxious in the car. My kids have ridiculously long legs that are just getting longer. Also, days when I run errands, I hit multiple stores and have to put quite a few things in my vehicle, so I needed real cargo room. Additionally, I just hate the way minivans look, and my vanity did not allow me to buy one. I researched SUVs and Minivans (because I am practical, in spite of my vanity), and the Flex genuinely had more leg room than any of the minivans or SUVs I researched. The back seat will easily seat my two oldest kids - in fact you could easily put two adults back there. And, the back seat is as comfortable as a the middle row, unlike so many of the vehicles I researched. Additionally, the middle row easily folds forward on both the passenger and driver side to enter the rear row. The back row folds down very efficiently and easily (I've actually had my male relatives ooh and ah over the process) for frequent estate sale purchases and/or trips to Sam's for ridiculous amounts of groceries. Regarding comfort, I love how comfortable this car is. I have leather and seat heaters (because if I have to drive a mom car, I want it to at least be fabulously comfortable and look as good as possible), and I'm so glad I chose a model with both. The leather is wearing and cleaning so much better than my cloth seats did, and the seat heaters are quite toasty. As I mentioned the leg room in the 2nd and 3rd rows in unparalleled, to the extent that when I had to have a minivan as a loaner car, my kids obnoxiously whined that they didn't have anywhere to put their legs. The technology on this car really won me over. The sync system is fabulous. I use it to play my music from my iPhone via bluetooth, and the stereo is fabulous. We frequently drive down the road with the windows down and the stereo blaring, to the disdain of our neighbors, I'm sure. I also use it to make a million business calls during the day, which I really appreciate, because it seems I'm always in my car. The kids love the DVD player on long trips. There's also a flash drive that I could use to play music if I cared to, though we just play from iTunes on my phone. There are also a huge number of power plugs throughout the car for all of our electronic devices. My 7 year old found a couple in the back I didn't even know we had. Regarding performance, this car is excellent. Mine is a V-8, and I couldn't ask for better acceleration or a better ride. It rides as well as friend's luxury cars, without the price tag. Also there's almost no road noise. The safety is the best I could find in my price range. The airbags above and on the side were on my list, and the overall safety ratings for this car are very good. I also like that it doesn't roll over as easily as SUVs. I thought I would miss the height of my Nissan SUV, but I don't. Finally, I was a bit unsure about the look of the vehicle, but I can say it has definitely grown on me, and strangers (especially men) ask me about it at least a couple times a month. Ours is black with dark window and a silver top, so it's super retro looking, which appealed to me. All in all, I just love this car and actually look forward to taking a very long road trip this summer. And, let me say, I *never* would have thought about buying a domestic vehicle, and especially not a Ford, before this car. This is a big leap for me, and I'm very glad I made it.

- Cadamy, 2011 Ford Flex

2011 Ford Flex Limited AWD Ecoboost

It is so flexible, reliable and something that is out of the normal run of the mill vehicles out there. There is no confusing a Flex with anything else. Flex drivers also flash their lights at you etc., as if to say, "Yes, I know you're having fun driving a Flex too".

- DJ, 2011 Ford Flex

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