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2010 Ford Fusion S Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 2.5L
Horsepower 175 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City 23
MPG Highway 34

Customer Review Summary for 2010 Ford Fusion

(90 Reviews)

Outstanding Value

2010 Ford Fusion Science_1 - West Des Moines, Ia 11/14/2012

Being of limited resources, I was searching for a 2010 sedan to replace my base model 2010 Toyota Tacoma pickup. Of all of the cars I looked at in this category, the Ford Fusion impressed me the most. It was quieter, comfier, handled better, had a better sound system, and had better overall features with a more intuitive interface than others at this price point. Plus I loved the style. The Ford Fusion was comparable in comfort, gas mileage, safety, power, quietness and over all reliability to other cars at this price point, according to the various websites I examined. Yes, you can do better in almost every one of the categories I mentioned if you are willing to step up in price. But at this price point, the Fusion is a hard car to beat. The down sides were few, and none were deal breakers for me. One example is the view out the back window which, when backing up, is a bit obstructed by how low the driver seat is positioned (which allows for more headroom -the over all feel is roomy), but this is compensated for by the electronic obstruction detectors (which beep, like a radar) embedded in the rear bumper. Another down side to the car are the high-performance wheels which are more expensive to replace, do not last as long, and can not be patched if damaged. After I had the car for a few days, I experienced an incident where the car was reluctant to start. The engine would cycle a few times but fail to catch. Yet, at the very next attempt the car started just fine. This was worrisome to me, as an intermittent starting problem can be very difficult to track down and fix. You take it in to a Ford Dealership and the mechanic can't get the car to manifest the problem, there is nothing to fix and you get hit with a hefty bill for absolutely nothing. And all the while you worry that the car might one night leave you stranded in the lurch. I did some research online and discovered that a handful of other Ford Focus owners had experienced the same problem with this model year, and that the problem seemed to be with a faulty emission-system canister valve, that the problem would show up about once a month or so but would thereafter start. There was even a SRB issued by Ford on the problem. The fix involves replacement of the canister valve. CarMax immediately handled the problem, and I love my car.

First Time Ford Owner

2010 Ford Fusion Rio_Sabine - Fort Worth, TX 02/06/2011

Had never owned a Ford product before and can certainly recommend this one. Quality is very good. The vinyl interior trim has a nice look to it that gives the appearance of a richer material (at least to me). Came with a lot of features standard with the car. Even had a tire pressure monitor. Love the Sangria Red Metallic paint, really looks sharp. It seems to be one of the lessor selected colors judging from all the silver and black Fusions we now see. We figure it is our gain. Anyway, my wife loves the color and so do I. The center radio/AC stack took a little getting used to but not a problem. It just had a lot of knobs to learn but have them all down now and do not have to look away from the road to operate. Mileage has been good. Typically get 25-26 in town and 30-31 on the road. Got 33 one time. We have the SE package, auto trans, with the I4 and find it very adequate for our needs. We really like driving the car. It just has a nice feel and appearance. Already thinking of looking for a second one when replacing our other car. Great car, really like it!

Ford Fusion

2010 Ford Fusion KRW - Pickens, SC 09/03/2012

I purchased a 2010 Ford Fusion following a serious accident with my 2006 Ford Fusion which totaled my car. Due to the safety features that the Ford Fusion provides I was able to avoid serious injuries ( Drivers Airbag deployed and the Motor Detached and Dropped preventing it from pushing through the dashboard). I also purchased the same color which is white. The Ford Fusion hugs the road well, is good on gas, looks nice, comfortable, is mechanically sound and above all a very safe vehicle to drive.

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