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(90 Reviews)

Not what I expected!

2010 Ford Fusion Rogers Mosley - Missouri City, TX 04/22/2017

My experience with the car is not great!

Ford Fusion Sport, or not

2010 Ford Fusion TInKnight - Houston, TX 03/20/2012

I recently purchased the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport (the front-wheel drive version). When considering this vehicle, keep in mind at all times that it is a family is NOT a sports car by any definition. It has a slightly larger and more powerful engine than the normal 3.0L V-6, but it's pretty low on torque so it doesn't FEEL quick or fast. The engine sounds pretty nice when under full throttle, but it gulps down a surprising amount of fuel when doing so, and when just lightly accelerating it almost sounds the same as the 4 cylinder engine. The Sport version doesn't have any suspension refinements to enable it to handle any better than the normal Fusions (in fact, the 4 cylinder models handles better due to being lighter and having a manual transmission)...but, with the larger and heavier wheels and lower-profile tires, the ride is noticeably choppier. However, despite the lack of sportiness, you do pay a pretty significant penalty in fuel economy...I average 19mpg in split city/highway driving, while my girlfriend with an older 4-cylinder model averages 25-26mpg. The interior is "ok" but definitely not great. The front seats are too bolstered in the sides, so I have to sit with my shoulders hunched (and I'm less than 180lbs so I'm not a large person)...meanwhile, the back padding feels non-existent, and provides no support to my back, even with adjusting the lumbar support. The dash area is covered in plastics which you'd never see in an similarly-priced European model. The entry into the back seats is actually fairly 3-year-old daughter has more difficulty stepping up into the car than my old 2-door sports car, and at the same time the roof is lower so she (and I) consistently bonk our heads. Meanwhile, the back seats are so high up that she can't get herself into the car seat (which she can do even in the ex's Hummer). As for the's great...until you get to the back. The trunk is too flat and tall, and looks like something from a 1990s Toyota Corolla. It really is a letdown for the rest of the exterior (and all of the car's reviewers have said the same thing). Honestly, given the ability to wait a few months, I would've taken the 2013 Fusion in a heartbeat over this model, as the 2013 fixes all of my complaints.

I Like It

2010 Ford Fusion Brett - Houston 11/01/2011

This car has a lot of pros without a lot of cons. ---The suspension, handling, cornering, and steering are all huge improvements over the Focus and the smaller Toyota. And I thought it was better than other cars in the same price range. ---I just drove it to Michigan and back and averaged around 27 mpg. With a min of 25.5 and a max of 31. ---The SYNC system is very handy, the music portion is fairly self explanatory. The other features are taking a little longer to learn partly due to the fact that CM did not include an owners manual. ---I really like the climate and stereo controls on the SE and I looked for them specifically. ---I also got the 3.0L V6. In my opinion this is the right size engine for the car. The I4 may get better mileage, but it obviously doesn't have the same pep. And the 3.5L was just a little more that what I needed ant was willing to pay. ---The various compartments and cup holders are easy to use. ---I think the styling looks good as well. Overall, I think it is a great car and a great value. I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

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2010 Ford Fusion S Specifications

175 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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