Used 2006 Ford Mustang For Sale

(86 Reviews)

2006 Ford Mustang Base Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 4.0L
Horsepower 210 horsepower@5250rpm
MPG City 17
MPG Highway 23

Customer Review Summary for 2006 Ford Mustang

(86 Reviews)

2006 Ford Mustang

2006 Ford Mustang Mentor and Coach - Wichita, KS 05/27/2009

My first car was a Ford Mustang (1966), so it was really cool to get another one (40 years later model --2006). Ford really got off track with the Mustangs during the 80s and 90s, so it was really refreshing when the retro version hit the market in 2005. This 2006 model has been very tastefully done to reflect the great features and stylings of the fastbacks of the late 60s. The car I purchased was the standard 6 cylinder model with an automatic transmission (not the V8 GT). I was a bit worried about the horsepower since I came from a '96 Firebird Formula with a high powered LT1 V-8 engine, but as it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised. The V-6 is very peppy and comes stock with a few little high performance enhancements. After all, it is still a Mustang...they're not going to put a dog engine in it. One of the things I'm really going to enjoy about the V-6, compared to the V-8 I had, is the lower maintenance costs. That large V-8 was stuffed in that Firebird (and it's the same with the V-8s in the Mustangs), so anytime you had to get ANY work done on the vehicle, it was $1,000! A thousand here, a thousand there, etc... But, the V-6 is so easy to work on that it qualifies for all the regular prices mechanics advertise for tune-ups, oil changes, tear-downs, etc... Huge cost savings there! -- Take my word for! :o) Besides, the V6 produces a lot better gas mileage than the V8s and still gives you a fun drive. Some of the other little things that I like about the 2006 Mustang: ~ Both windows have automatic down AND up. - A button on the shifter turns off 5th gear overdrive, which is great for driving around city streets...the car is more quick to respond. - The drivers seat (on my version) easily adjusts up and down without having to be electric - The spacious trunk is QUITE useful. One of the things that I don't particularly care for is the stock wheels on the regular '06 Mustang. The GTs have wheels that look similar to the old 5-spoke Crager mags that were popular to put on the Mustangs of the 60s -- which look great and are easy to clean. The stock wheels on the non-GT models, however, have a vague appearance of 5 spokes, but those 5 spokes have been split to be 10 separate spokes. It looks OK (though not as cool as the 5-spoke GT mags), but the problem is, is that they are a real bear to clean. It requires a lot of intricate work to get them clean. Once they're clean though, they look pretty sharp. If you want to add some horsepower to a V6 Mustang and make it sound tougher, then I suggest changing out the muffler for a FlowMaster, like I did. It won't sound as throaty as a V8, but it does sound pretty cool -- and it makes the car even MORE fun to drive. All and all, I love my '06 Mustang and won't be giving it up any time soon. :o)

Solid car

2006 Ford Mustang jon scarlett - santa rosa, CA 04/23/2018

mustang V6 converable

2006 Ford Mustang smokey - huntington beach 01/20/2012

got the mustang about a week ago now and love the car so much!I've always have wanted one since i was a little kid and never thought could ever afford one but got it for really good price and couldn't say no, it turned out to be cheaper for me to get this than anyother used car in same rang, drives smooth, and love hoping in my car everytime i go out to drive now!!!

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