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(15 Reviews)

VERY pleasant surprise

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Bennett - Hartford, CT 03/24/2012

I needed to upgrade from an old SUV which was needing work - and after much deliberation decided to go all-out and take a hybrid. I wasn't keen on the Prius based purely on looks, so it was a choice between the Altima, Camry or Civic hybrids. As it happened the Civic showed up first to try out. I was very surprised based on the tiny 1.3L engine just how much pickup it has. Sure, the IMA power assist helps a bit, but even without that the car is light enough to feel pretty nippy. Steering is tight, braking is great (partly assisted by the energy recovery part of the hybrid power train). I was worried about some of this based on old reviews of re-programmed Honda systems that went into battery-save mode at a cost of power. It certainly didn't feel that way to me. It looks a bit generic in this day and age, but stylish enough. It's just hard to pick out from a lineup of similar sedans (only the small rear spoilers and special wheel covers put it apart from the base Civic). Inside though - beam me up Scotty! A lovely blue-tinged electronic two-tier dashboard that is totally 21st century. It has some nice features that I wasn't used to - climate control, aux jack for the audio system, and the higher end model apparently has navigation with voice control. It is a pleasure to drive - although the battery assist and charging on deceleration will take some getting used to. I love the idle-stop feature, where at low speeds or stopped at a light the engine will cut out completely to save gas. It takes a very brief time to kick in again - you notice it mainly due to the slight judder as the cylinders turn over, but it's not unpleasant, just different. I got an impressive 45mpg just driving this home from the dealer, in a mix of highway driving, country lanes and several steep hills. Battery assist made sure I was getting about 25mpg UPHILL, which was stunning to me. Plenty of battery unless I imagine you had miles of steep inclines to cover. I do not, so I anticipate to get the most out of this little girl on my daily commute. Rear seats and trunk space is fine - nothing stunning, but not too tight either. Front seats have a nice bucket shape to them. No reclining rear seats due to the battery pack, but I don't care. You might, so I mentioned it. The joy of driving it and the several unique features had me hooked. If you want more power, or a more distinct look, or better performance in the snow - you'll need something else. But if you want a fun, neat, incredibly efficient modern car then I strongly recommend the Civic Hybrid.

Honda Civic Hybrid

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid NRubini - Oceanside, CA 05/20/2010

Positive: overall great car; good MPG; sleek design; modern technology (touch screen GPS/Audio and Aux output/input); cup holders, power sources, controls in appropriate placement; radio controls on steering wheel Negative: did not come with bluetooth at time of purchase; must get used to "glide" driving to take full advantage of MPG ability; no dealers handbook at time of purchase; adjustment of seats not power; no sunroof/moonroof option.

2008 Civic Hybrid

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid tigity - Seminole, FL 03/31/2011

With gas prices rising daily and a long commute to work, I decided it was time to get a hybrid. I was originally looking for a Prius, but I couldn't find one that met my criteria. When I first saw the Honda Civic Hybrid, I really liked the way it looked. When I started it, the brilliant blue dash lights added to the nicely designed interior. Although it could use a little more horsepower (it's a bit sluggish getting up to speed), I could not be happier about the way it sips gas. I didn't buy the car immediately because I always do my research first. The aspect that I like the most is the almost perfect safety rating. I have kids so that is very important to me. I really like the car and I know that Honda makes a reliable, long-lasting product. I hope to have it for a long, long time.

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2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Base Specifications

110 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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