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2007 Honda Civic DX Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 1.8L
Horsepower 140 horsepower@6300rpm
MPG City 25
MPG Highway 36

Customer Review Summary for 2007 Honda Civic

(86 Reviews)

Absolutely In Love

2007 Honda Civic Terence Dangerfield - Culpepef, VA 02/01/2016

This car is amazing. Solid and reliable car with great fuel mileage. I travel between VA and AL very frequently. I can go 709 miles while only spending $35 on gas! Plus the car is very roomy and classy looking. It's an affordable vehicle that offers classy sleek looks with luxury and reliability!

07 Civic Si

2007 Honda Civic honda fan - virginia 11/20/2008

I've owned a 00' civic Si, so i just had to have this one when it came out. Sort of an upgrade in my eyes, why not right? I was surprised that the new civic si had everything about the car that i love, a bigger engine, navigation, black interior, giant tachometer. There were only a couple things that i really didn't like and couldn't care for, and would appreciate if honda fixed them. 1st is the major 3rd gear issue, look it up online and you'll find out. 2nd is the drive by wire throttle, I don't like it, will never like it. 3rd, Some of the interior parts seemed a little cheap after having the car for over a year. 4th, the cargo space is a little small, then again it is a coupe and i didin't buy it to haul stuff. Other than those small things, i loved driving this car. The car handles amazing. I love the 200hp 2.0L engine upgrade from the old 1.6L 160hp engine from the 00' civic Si. I love how the spedometer is in your periferral vision and you never have to look down to se how fast you are going because of it. I would recommend this car to anyone who is a fan of the honda civic si.

Lovin my civic

2007 Honda Civic hondacivicfan - McEwen TN 11/13/2010

I couldn't be happier with my 2007 Honda Civic. I did a lot of research beforehand and everything I read was true. My biggest concern when I purchased my car 3 months ago was GAS MILEAGE. I travel 130 miles round trip 5 days a week. I have consistently gotten 32-35 miles per gallon with each tank of gas. I AM THRILLED!!!! If I had to point out something I don't like but can definitely live with, it would have to be the road It isn't as quiet as I would like, but when you weigh the good with the bad, GOOD wins. Lovin my Honda Civic!

2007 Honda Civic Overview

The 2007 Honda Civic set a high bar when it came to compact cars. Until the Civic made its debut, many people thought little of compact cars, but the Honda Civic slowly changed that perception. With its reliability and good price, the Civic made it possible for people to own good quality cars that were small yet still offered a high level of value and durability.

2007 Honda Civic History

While 2007 was not the first year for the Civic, it was one of the best years. That particular year and model offered more than past models, and built up the reputation Honda had already established. The 2007 Civic offered:

  • A follow-up on a 2006 redesign
  • The option to purchase an Si sedan
  • An original price tag of under $20,000
  • Three different trim levels and a sedan or coupe option

How It Drives

The Honda brand is legendary for its reliability and driveability, and the 2007 Civic does not disappoint in either of those areas. While its Hybrid and GX models have slower acceleration times compared to their peers, there is overall strength and value in the Civic that any car owner can appreciate. The base model is strong and solid, and buyers who choose the sportier Si model can enjoy better acceleration and a higher level of handling that comes with the stronger engine. Overall, the 2007 Honda Civic is a joy to drive, and can be trusted to take buyers where they need to go consistently without expensive problems.

Used 2007 Honda Civic Value

Hondas hold their value relatively well, generally because they can be trusted and car buyers know they hold together well. Buying a used Honda Civic can mean paying a little more than a similarly sized used car of a different brand and same model year. With that in mind, the Si sedan will likely command the highest price. In 2007, buyers could choose this option for the first time, so the car will be expected to hold more of its value due to some rarity in being able to purchase it. Still, a lot of these cars were made, and they are not expected to command nearly new prices when they are located used in today's market.

Design & Performance

The 2007 Honda Civic was a step up from the complete redesign of the 2006 model, making it an improvement on a car that was already popular and enjoyable. That only improved the value for most buyers, and made them appreciate the car even more than they had in the past. Buyers of the 2007 Honda Civic can expect:

  • An option to choose the Si sedan for the first time
  • Engines optimized for fuel efficiency and performance
  • A refined interior with plenty of room based on the size of the car
  • A engine and drivetrain that is low cost to own

Powertrain & Engine

The array of engines Honda offers is exceptional, giving the 2007 Civic buyer the chance to focus on fuel efficiency, power, and performance, or a combination of both that can leave them enjoying both sides of the value equation. The Civic offers a 1.8L four-cylinder engine providing 140hp in its DX, LX, and EX models. The GX has the same size engine, but it is powered by natural gas. The Si model comes with a 197 hp, 2.0L engine, and a six-speed manual, which is a step up from the five-speed manual or optional automatic that comes with the other trim options. Drivers can expect to achieve 30 mpg city and 40 hwy when it comes to fuel economy in the 1.8L engine, and 49 city, 51 hwy in the Civic Hybrid.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

Even though the 2007 Honda Civic is a small car, it is big on comfort. The interior is roomy for the size of the overall vehicle, giving even taller or larger passengers the opportunity to be comfortable during travel.

Buyers of this car can expect:

  • A 60/40 split rear seat for comfort and ease of cleaning and moving items
  • Full power accessories and a keyless entry system
  • A height-adjustable driver's seat for comfort
  • Available moonroof, satellite radio, and navigation system

No matter which options and what body style are chosen, the 2007 Honda Civic offers a comfortable ride and good handling capabilities, making it great for everyday driving.

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