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2004 Honda S2000

2004 Honda S2000 Honda Enthusiast - Connecticut 06/03/2010

The fit and finish of the car is what you would expect of a car manufactured by Honda � excellent! I�ve received several compliments regarding the paint on a 6+ year old car that attests to the quality of the finish that would please the most fastidious of onlookers. The ride is what you would expect of a car built for handling and speed � stiff but not harsh to driver or rider. Riding the back roads of Connecticut, you can feel the winter�s revenge but when on the highway and interstate, the car rides smoothly. Steering is tight and responsive to slight movements of the hands, sharper than my Accord which is expected. The car handles turns and curves with snakelike agility � point the nose of the car in a direction you want and it will go there; no wandering. The power of the engine is surprising despite being a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine � plentiful given the size and weight of the vehicle with gearing to delight those with an interest in acceleration. Catching a gear in its optimal torque band provides an unmistakable surge of power. Given the rear wheel drive, the driver needs to be careful about shifting when under power and in a curve: the rear end can break traction pretty easily. The interior features are what you would expect of a convertible where the top will be left down on occasion when running into a store. Access to pushbutton levers for the gas cap door and trunk are obscured and protected and the glove box is under lock and key entry. There�s a sliding cover for the drink holder/storage area between the driver and passenger and a cover for the stereo system (neither are lockable). Three side pockets for limited storage, but for me, that means less chance for clutter. The seats suck you up! There are rear pockets on the seats for storage of maps and such, but in a GPS age, they probably will remain empty. Instrumentation displays and functional switches are intuitively placed and readily accessible. The convertible top latches operate simply with a press of the thumb and a flip of the switch and top drops quickly and neatly. Installing the bonnet over the top takes about 2-3 minutes, but be careful about leaning over and against the car when doing so or you can leave little dents (from items in your pocket or a belt buckle) in the sheet metal. The trunk is small but has enough room to store two sets of golf shoes and two smaller golf bags (the kind with backpack harnesses or leg stands). For me, the 2004 model year introduces a few features of interest. For example, the wheel rims have a nicer, more complex design than previous models. The rear lighting introduces the amber signal lights, which for me, sets off the vehicle and looks more finished (especially for S2000s with black paint). The front bumper/nose of the car also has a more complete design with added detail over earlier model years. Some though appreciate the simpler look and akin to the early Ford Cobras of the �60s so a lot of what I�m putting here is personal preference. The car runs strong and is surprisingly quick. I�ve driven muscle cars of the past which have the raw power that is hard to beat, but for a stock little four cylinder most folks would be pleased. I�m averaging around 27 mpg at the moment, but I goose it here and there as I�ve only had the car for a few weeks and I�m still playing around. But I�m not looking to get the economy of my Accord either � this is for enjoying the sun, sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors. Enjoy the ride and take it slow � or have some fun and give some gas!! You get both with this vehicle.

Drivers Car

2006 Honda S2000 Josh Schlegel - Las Vegas, NV 03/23/2017

This is a reliable and fun car. Some people may not want to keep this as a daily driver but I enjoy it. The only issuse I've had with the car have to do with the receiver for the cars remote key, and the catalytic converter. The receiver doesn't register the remote key consistently and the cat was actually falling apart so I replaced it immediately. Other than those two things everything have been a wonderful experience owning this car.

2007 Honda S2000 - Perfect weekend car!

2007 Honda S2000 Brandon Mead - Denver, CO 05/04/2017

There are faster cars than the S2000 for the money: cars like the Corvette or Nissan 370Z, but trying to find a car that puts this big of a smile on your face is tough to beat! On a twisty mountain road, the car only I've ever driven that even comes close to this car for fun factor is the Porsche Boxster S (987 chassis); which isn't in the same league as far as reliability and ease of maintenance is concerned. I won't go into the cons, because all cars have them.. but I will say that this car is a great weekend playtoy and I love mine!

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