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Customer Review Summary for 2011 Honda CR-V

(69 Reviews)

A fine and serviceable vehicle

2011 Honda CR-V Joel - Milwaukee, WI 11/10/2014

Excellent history of roadworthiness, reliability. In our experience, the Honda CRV lasts a very long time without major service work. Overall, an excellent and comfortable vehicle.

Change to a CRV.

2011 Honda CR-V Joe - Grottoes, VA 01/02/2015

I've always driven small, nimble, fairly spartan 5 speeds, but wanted a change. The CRV certainly is a change for me. It feels like a big, strong steel box. The only "luxuries" are the heated leather seats. The CRV has a spartan luxury to it. Big, surefooted, quiet and comfortable. Seats are outstanding, and the higher seating position is a nice change. Even with current $2/gal. gas the mileage is uncomfortable. The computer calculated mpg is always about 2 mpg richer than my actual miles driven divided by gallons needed to refill result. Oddly, my left foot has adjusted effortlessly to being out of work with the automatic transmission. The cargo capacity is fairly amazing. Steering is quite good. It's a nice car and I'm happy with it.

Glad I purchased a Honda!

2011 Honda CR-V ZETTAC - Lexington, KY 08/22/2012

I am enjoying my "new" Honda CRV. I like the style, the colors are sharp, the smooth ride (I recently drove 3 hours straight and I was impressed with how comfortable it rode). Gas milage is great. I used a half tank of gas during this 3 hour ride plus 40 mins to another town. I have room for passengers and cargo. The back windows are just the right tint for onlookers to have a hard time seeing in. I like the split rack in the back. However I would like to be able to remove it. The stereo controls on the steering wheel have come in handy. It cools and defrosts very quickly. (Haven't had a chance to use the heat.) I especially love the sunroof. I do enjoy having the enclosed compartment above the glove box. It's good for storing adapters and an ipod. The faults (so far): I'm not impressed with the cup holder in the middle. I'd much rather have something that I could store whatever in. So far when I've used the auxillary for my ipod-the volume has to be turned all the way on my ipod and the stereo. Maybe I'm missing something. I also don't like when I turn off the car the stereo (if on) shuts off automatically. I can't just sit in the car without the engine being turned to just chill with a tune. I can tell I do not like inside the hood-everything seems hard to get to and hard to see levels on the coolant especially. Of course keep in mind it's not what I'm used to. And my biggest problem is the speedometer. I can't tell when I'm going 35,45,55 etc. The 20,40,60 etc. numbers are listed and lines for 30,50,70 etc. So I have to guess. And just minor- but the back license plate only has the top two screw holes. Would be nice to fully secure my plate. As much as I do like my vehicle, if I could do this over I would choose the EX-L model with the usb, bluetooth and navigation.

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