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Used 2012 Honda CR-Z for Sale

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About the 2012 Honda CR-Z

Safety Rating

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's independent crash tests help you make informed decisions about vehicle safety. NHTSA's 5-Star Safety Ratings give consumers insights into how vehicles perform in crash tests, with more stars equaling higher safety ratings. Here are the ratings for the 2012 Honda CR-Z. Certain vehicles may have unrepaired safety recalls. Visit to look up a specific vehicle.

NHTSA Overall Rating
Frontal Barrier Crash Rating Test: A head-on collision between two similar vehicles traveling at 35 mph.
Front Driver Side
Front Passenger Side
Side Barrier Crash Rating Test: A vehicle standing in an intersection sustains driver side impact from a vehicle moving at 38.5 mph.
Side Pole Crash Rating Test: A vehicle slides sideways at 20 mph and impacts a tree or telephone pole.
Combined Side Barrier and Pole Crash Ratings: Test data is combined to indicate overall safety by passenger location.
Front Seat
Rollover Resistance Test: A single vehicle moving at 55 mph loses control on a curve, leaves the road, and rolls over.
Rollover Rating
Dynamic Test Result
No Tip
Risk of Rollover

Reviews for 2012 Honda CR-Z

Overall Rating

3.8 out of 5 (4 reviews)

Very nice commuter!

Teaches good technique in getting great gas mileage. Sport mode when you want to have fun and always makes you happy when filling up.


  • Fuel Economy: 40+ mpg when driven correctly!
  • Styling: No other style in a hybrid
  • Value: Save tons of money at the pump

- Chris P, 2012 Honda CR-Z

Fun car, great value

The Honda CR-Z is a terrific city car. It gets terrific gas mileage, is fun to drive, and is very easy to park.


  • Fuel Economy: 36-39 MPG city and highway
  • Value: Very affordable for such a sporty car
  • Styling: The sporty style of the car makes me happy to drive it, and people constantly stop me and ask about it.


  • Visibility: The one con is a notorious blind spot. It is highly advisable to glance quickly over the shoulder before changing lanes.
  • Technology and Entertainment: The stereo system is quite good but is missing audio via bluetooth technology.

- Dean Harris, 2012 Honda CR-Z

Cool car, executed poorly

This car is excellent, however the inconveniences of the vehicle bring down its rating. There are plenty of good cars at this price range, however I would recommend the Chevy Sonic RS. With relatively similar economy and power the Sonics cargo space and 5 seats make it the clear choice.


  • Fuel Economy: Excellent fuel economy, however it doesn't wow you like a traditional hybrid.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard is very stimulating and provides you with interesting information. However expect a slight adjustment period as this dash is similar to a jet.
  • Cost to Maintain: This feature is more about the manufacturer than the car itself. This car is no exception, cost to maintain is low and thats a plus.


  • Power: This car is slow, very slow. It's a fun car, but when your foot is planted to the floor don't expect anything to happen. Cornering hard is about all the fun you can have, however even for a casual drive the car's lack of power hurts. It can be hard getting up to speed on highways.
  • Cargo Space: I knew when I purchased this car that space was going to be tight, however I feel that Honda wasted space. Had they put the spare tire somewhere more practical they could have created plenty of space where the spare sits now.
  • Cabin Noise: The large battery makes plenty of noise when its charging as you coast down a hill. I could certainly do without that.

- Gordon Culletto, 2012 Honda CR-Z

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