Used 2013 Honda CR-Z EX For Sale

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2013 Honda CR-Z EX Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 1.5L
Horsepower 130 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City 36
MPG Highway 39

Customer Review Summary for Honda CR-Z

(44 Reviews)

Great car

2011 Honda CR-Z V-Tec Green - Norfolk, Virginia 08/26/2012

I will start with the thing most argued about, the "sporty hybrid" part. As a hydrid im get 42 average MPG with the six speed manual transmision and i drive mostly in Normal mode. The three modes are GREAT if you know the situation which they are best needed. Eco gets along great during slow traffic days when it constantly stops, normal is just that, everyday traffic, sport i save for occasions when am on a curvy and very empty road. Good-The car handles great, much better corning than a prius, and scoots along pretty good too, also better than a prius, gets good gas mileage and has a TON of storage room in the back. It looks fantastic and i get quiet a few stares when people see it, its not a comon car, people are too divided on it. The hybrid system was lifted from the Honda Insight and tuned for better performance. Sound system in the base modle is not too shabby, i tweaked the settings and am happy with what i have. Bad- NOT as good MPG as other "true blooded" hydrib, like the prius. Only two seats, unless your outside the US then it get back seats. Some creature comforts like an armrest are extra cost, i commute and my hand rests on the gear shifter so im not worried about it, wouldn't use it anyways. Door are great dont get me wrong but the need ALOT of room to open, getting out means a movie star like exit, if you live in a city and fight for tight packed parking spaces not so awsome. Blind spot which can be overcome with a little fish eye mirror in the corner of your regular mirriors. Overall i like the car, its not one of those cars you look away and mutter when asked what you drive, people hear hybrid and think "mundane", they see the cr-z and think "... this is a hybrid?" i have gotten the responce many times. Even hardcore hybrid fans like it. People who think everything should be fast however, stay clear, this car requires a very specific type of drive. Like music everyone has their own taste and this car is one of those that people will pucker and squint at. Over all i give a four not five just for the fact that its only the U.S. that doesn't get back seat standard, not all Americans are too fat to fit in the back.


2011 Honda CR-Z kmarcus122 - Wake Foest NC 09/03/2012

Used to have a 1991 Honda CR-X and the 2011 CR-Z takes me right back to what had been my favorite vehicle to date. Handles great and gets excellent gas mileage. Only cons are how auto unlock works and angle of driver side air vents. Hope to have this car for a long time.

Fun Great Little Car

2012 Honda CR-Z Lisa McFadden - Butner, NC 01/07/2017

Love driving my car, good gas mileage, very comfortable, get alot of looks, cons: very low to ground, difficult to see over lt shoulder

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