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Used 2010 Honda Odyssey EX-L in Dulles, VA for Sale

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Reviews for 2010 Honda Odyssey

Overall Rating

4.6 out of 5(36 reviews)

Good upgrade

We've outgrown our happy little crossover, a 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander also purchased at CarMax, and so were looking for a minivan (or SUV, but the prices are so much higher for the same space/usage). The Odyssey has the space we need, plus some growing room. We purchased the EX-L version, which has loads of bells and whistles, and 3 years into the vehicle life (and a little over 50,000 miles) they all still work just fine. There are a few features that we don't prefer, such as the doors automatically unlocking when you put the car in Park, or the alarms going off when the car has to be jump started, or the placement of the overhead light button where little fingers can reach it and turn them to On and so the battery drains overnight if you're not careful to check all the buttons after the kids have left the car. But these are small issue, and not indicative of something not working, just not working the way we'd prefer. The control layout is simple and easy to use with well-made, quality feeling buttons, knobs, and rocker switches (Honda likes rocker switches in this vehicle). The only real issue with control layout is that I am a steering wheel drummer, and I'll drum the car out of cruise mode from time to time. Power doors and liftgates are amazing and work well and simply. I much prefer the "pull the handle" method Honda uses to the "press the button on the pillar" method of Toyota. The Honda's method is just much more natural. Finally, the van has plenty of get up and go as well, which is important to me. Coming from a spritely and sporty CUV, any laggardness in the power train would have been an immediate veto of the purchase, but the Honda's V6 puts out smooth and plentiful power for the vehicle size. The engine apparently has the ability to shut off 3 of its cylinders (turning it into an I-3 essentially) for low speed and cruising, and I've never been able to detect when or where this change occurs, its very smooth. Overall this vehicle is a well-made, quality, smooth-running van that should carry me and mine for years and miles to come.

- , 2010 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

Couldn't be happier with our 2010 Honda Odyssey. I put a hitch on it, and have been using it to tow a 5x8 trailer full of band-equipment. I have had zero problems with it, and the ride is VERY comfortable for the entire band. Five stars!

- Rod Tuffcurls, 2010 Honda Odyssey

Not a good van

I bought new and I hated the van after 6 month of driving, it is very stiff, a gas guzzler(18 mpg overall-even on highways!!). Transmission is the worst I have seen, very rough shiffting down the whole car will shake, Honda knows about the problem but couldn't fix it. Braking is another problem in this van, very weak and you need long time to stop the van.

- Rev2011, 2010 Honda Odyssey

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