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(25 Reviews)

Solid Truck

2008 Honda Ridgeline Arraceion Mobley - Riverside, CA 03/06/2016

Vehicle is extremely reliable fits five very comfortably and gets good gas mileage but it's utility features are what set this truck yes truck apart from the others having a trunk in the bed is a plus and I wish all trucks had this feature.

great vehicle

2008 Honda Ridgeline rmp - Burlington, NC 12/07/2011

If you want a work truck with high towing capacity, look elsewhere. If you want a vehicle that gets high gas mileage or is very quick off the line, also look elsewhere. However, if you want a vehicle that is very comfortable, handles well, is easy to drive, and has most of the utility of a double cab "real" pickup, this is an overall great choice. In recent years my wife and I have owned, aside from various sedans, a Toyota 4Runner, a V6 RAV4, a Nissan Murano. Of all of these, the fell of the Ridgeline is closest to the Murano; however, subjectively, the Ridgeline feels more solid than the Murano. My wife, who has a bad back thinks it's more comfortable than the Murano and a lot more comfortable than the 4Runner or RAV4. others. (There is a bit of an apples to oranges aspect to these comparisons.) I track gas mileage pretty carefully. I averaged about 17 mpg in the 4Runner and about 20 mpg in both the Murano and RAV4 (the RAV4's mpg was a big disappointment.) In the Ridgeline, so far, doing exactly the same driving as in the other vehicles, I'm averaging a bit under 19 mpg. Would I like a bit more power, yes. Would I like a bit better gas mileage, yes. But I knew what I was buying with regard to power and mpg. Overall, I am much happier than I expected to be with the Ridgeline. To me, it's surprising it isn't more popular.

Quality in Design

2008 Honda Ridgeline HDsquared - Cheverly, MD 11/05/2012

First of all, the Honda Ridgeline is a truck. It is not a fancy SUV with leather bucket seats, but a truck. Granted, I don't expect to pull up to the construction site and haul a ton of gravel, but I can take my lady out on the town in style. The Ridgeline is a good performing truck that hauls my 25' boat with ease, gets ok gas mileage, especially for its class, and seems to be chock full of the safety features I would expect. What is truly unexpected, and worth consideration for this class, is the design features. One of my concerns when looking for a truck was securing items in the bed like groceries and the kids backpacks. Honda has thought about this and designed a spectacular trunk in the bed of the truck. That's right, a trunk. Big enough to fit two sets of golf clubs, sealed from the elements so items inside do not get wet if it rains, and it is lockable. I have even heard of fishermen and tailgaters that fill the trunk with ice to keep fish and beverages cold. Not stopping there, Honda went to work on the tail bed. Not only does it swing down like a normal truck, but is also opens like a car door, allowing you easy access to that trunk. There are also cargo lights so you can see what you are doing in the dark. Inside the cabin, there is storage all over the place. Cup holders, change bins, and a very cool expandable center console. Overall, I would highly recommend the Honda Ridgeline, and I look forward to driving mine for years to come.

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