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Customer Review Summary for Hummer H2

(56 Reviews)

Hummer H2

2006 Hummer H2 ILukup - Winchester, VA 12/04/2010

I just sold my Hummer H2 SUT and now driving a BMW 330i... I will say I regret what I did. Even though I might be saving in gas with my new car, the Hummer H2 was a truck I felt safe in, plus knowing I could go anywhere and climbs anything (not that I was even going too-just knowing the truck could do so much in its performance). The Luxury on the inside was very nice with so many options as well as comfort and space. I've driven many vehicles from cars to trucks as well as owning them-- I know it�s materialistic but I miss that So if you are looking to buy a Hummer H2-- you will enjoy, I so did!

What A Awesome Machine!

2006 Hummer H2 Bambinopazzo - Burbank,California 04/18/2010

Lots Of room,tons of bells and whistles.You fill as if you are in a safe tank,with the performance of a BMW and the mobility of a mini cooper.When driving its lots of fun and again impressed with the mobility of this beast.The cockpit is truly awesome.From the huge shifter and luxurious console and leather seats.You can truly fill this car was well made and thought out inch to inch.I was so impressed with this H2 that I will be trading in my wifes Toyota for A H3 because she won't stop driving my H2.Total luxury and if needed to you can climb or go over anything.From total executive to total rough in it up on a mountain or trail,camping trip etc.Was nervous to purchase,but I am so thank full that I did I love this car.H2 Fan for life!

hummer sweetness

2007 Hummer H2 Dr T - Columbus, OH 01/08/2010

The H2 is a beautiful car. No doubt about it. It commands attention and respect on the road. Comfort is exquisite. Luxury in the details - for sure. you get a feeling of security and power in this car - not power like an executive, but true power - like strength to pull others out of snow,etc. It runs well in the snow. Drawbacks include; gas usage - they need to come out with a hybrid version. you get about 10-12 miles per gallon - depending on how you drive - not good for environment or your pocket! another drawback is the leather. When buying a hummer, check the seats out. They crack rather easily. I suggest leather conditioner - love your leather! - especially in the cold weather. Last drawback is seating arena. It has 6 seatbelts. I would have preferred 7 - but not a big loss. Overall - a sweet ride. safety, strength, style, power. I am concerned about the envoronment and gas usage - so I eagerly await a hybrid version. As far as the leather - they should use a better quality leather that resists cracks.

Hummer H2 Overview

The Hummer H2 is a bulky, unconventionally-designed SUV reminiscent of the military. It is extremely capable when taken off-road and dominates the day-to-day roadways. Though it was only produced for six years, the H2 made a splash in the market with its wide stance and rugged exterior.

Hummer H2 History

The Hummer H2, which debuted in 2003, is an attempt to offer something practical for civilian use, yet still built with military inspiration. The H2 is a good fit for anyone seeking Herculean off-road capability over all else.

How It Drives

The Hummer H2 soldiers onto roadways with an intimidating drive and powerful 6.0L V8 engine. Due to its width, driving through densely packed streets can be difficult. The H2's interior seating is comfortable, though it may not be as spacious as its size would imply. Though it was designed to be a better fit on the road than its predecessors, the fuel economy still holds it back from day-to-day commuter use.

Used Hummer H2 Value

The H2 is a quiet vehicle with lots of interior space. For families, this alone is more than worth the price. More recent editions of the Hummer H2 have more powerful engines and more responsive transmissions than its initial 2007 offerings. With a change in seating, the vehicle appeals to a wider variety of family sizes, and makes a statement wherever it goes.

Hummer H2 Standard Features

The Hummer H2 sports a 6.0L V8 engine with four-wheel drive and a four-speed automatic transmission, with an upgrade to an 6.2L V8 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission in 2008. These powerful engines are to be expected given the Hummer's inherent weight.

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