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Fun truck

2007 Hummer H3 W Stone - Virginia 11/19/2012

I love the hummer H3. it is rough and ready. I can not wait for the snow. I have a BMW and Corvette. I needed a truck to carry stuff - Bikes, Home repair martial and teenagers . The Hummer H3 is cheap and easy to fix. Part are easy to get. it ia Chevy so NO big deal getting parts. Carmax does all the service. Worth the money. Gas is about 16 to 17 miles per gallon but then again most SUV, Cadillac and V8 BMWs get the same mileage or worse. Get a hummer H# and have fun. It is a soooo easy to drive.

H3 great family value

2008 Hummer H3 bms1113 - Northbrook, IL 11/09/2010

It can be very stressful and costly for a family of 4 with small children to travel safely to grandma's house, after school activities, or even the doctors office. With all of the restrictions on safety seats that take up entire rows of seating not to mention being limited to the options of minivans that cost $40k and SUVs that take up 2 parking spaces and offer zero visibility. Our family was confident when we purchased a 2006 Suburu Forrester wagon that we had made a positive choice. Not so, at 6 feet tall I found an economy class middle seat on a packed airplane provided more legroom and overall comfort than our wagon. Two carseats later I got anxiety at the mere site of the vehicle and the potential discomfort it would soon provide me with as soon as we had to all go anywhere. We found solace in the option of an H3 Hummer. In a million years I never would have thought this was an option. There is a lot of bad stigma associated with this brand based on the misconception that there is poor fuel economy (Unlike the Hummer and H2 this one gets 18 mpg city, and 22 hwy its actually quite impressive). GM will honor warranty and service this vehicle at any location since there are no Hummer locations anymore. I consider that a bonus since as an owner I can take it to any dealership that services any vehicle in the GM fleet. This vehicle is very roomy, the visibility is amazing, I feel totally safe and we fill up on gas once a week regardless. Honestly I was looking for the roominess in a used Ford Flex which turned out to be very rare and way out of my price range. Mini vans seem to hold their value in used car pricing but again, way to much $$$ to start with. Neither of these options would have offered a noticeablybetter fuel economy. The bottom line is that this is an incredible option and hits on all the needs for my family. I did not purchase this as a commuter car to put 50 miles or more a day and sit in traffic, that would be a bad idea. If this is an a concern you should pass on this vehicle. It fits in a single parking spot, basically its like parking a jeep cherokee, and has an incredible turning radius. Too bad that Hummer couldn't stay in the game during the last fuel crisis, because this model in particular is hands down superior to any SUV I test drove in every way that mattered. Seriously consider this vehicle as an option if you are lucky enough to find one, at least give it a test drive.


2006 Hummer H3 Offroader20 - Texas 11/22/2011

The 2006 H3 is without a doubt the best off-road SUV I have owned. I have had many Jeeps & SUVs, but the H3 blows them out of the water.The H3 looks as cool on the outsdie as it does on the inside, but the inside has tons of space...very surprising amount of space.The engine runs smooth & has plenty of power & for such a heavy vehicle, the gas mileage is awesome...better than the much smaller Jeep Wrangler I had. I have been impressed as this is literally the go anywhere, unstoppable driving machine. It handles great, it has been very reliable, is very well built, very repsonsive, and very good saftey record. The truck is so powerful, it could climb a mountain. I have seen models with over 200,000 miles that are still running strong, which gives me confidence in my H3 lasting for the long haul. I have had offers to sell it and I have turned them down, I am not giving-up my H3 & in fact, I would like to buy another one. Anyone who has off-road experience knows the H3 is the beast or champion of the off-road & the H3 has a full double plated engine gaurd plate that protects the engine and powertrain when offroading to anything being throwing up under the H3 on the hwy. It is the ultimate SUV for any occassion and any situation!

Hummer H3 Overview

A leading off-road and utility vehicle, the Hummer H3 is Hummer's tribution to the midsize SUV and midsize pickup category. Produced between 2005 and 2010, the H3 is an incredibly viable used vehicle. Based upon the modified GMT355, the H3 exists as Hummer's smallest model while being the only one to be manufactured by General Motors.

Hummer H3 History

The H3 was inspired by the original, military-exclusive Hummer and Hummer's larger H2. The Hummer H3 debuted in 2006, existing as one of GMs most consumer-based products. Crafted as the premium truck brand's entry-level vehicle, it served as an alternative to typically gas-guzzling products.

Available as a midsize pickupthe H3T as a traditional, midsize SUVthe H3 Hummer's "in between" purchase for most. Packing an automatic transmission and strong towing capabilities, the H3 allowed for diverse driving without sacrificing cross-town functionality.

Different from the H1's off-road design, the 2006 Hummer H3 sold as a sport utility vehicle due to its four-wheel drive accessibility. In 2007, the H3 introduced the H3X urban-centric style package, followed by the V8-powered Alpha version in 2008. The following year, Hummer released the H3T crew cab truck alternative version.

While the Hummer H3 ceased production in May 2010, its Alpha upgrades are still noted within the industry for the leather seats, premium seven-speaker sound system, and enhanced interior.

How It Drives

The H3 packs a surprisingly reactive suspension. Often cited as "springy," the H3's ride does deliver an easygoing experience. Its interior amenities, like its optional XM radio in all trims, certainly adds to the comfort. Smooth on both city streets and highways, the H3 with tight angles, quick approaches and rapid turns.

It handles well,avement irregularities will be noticed as the H3's suspension takes effect. Its automatic acceleration is quick and smooth from low speeds and standstills, and the 2008 H3 excels via its 3.7-liter engine. Previous 3.5-liter versions, however, may lack adequate passing power. The H3 emits low driveline noises at low speeds on highways and city streets.

Used Hummer H3 Value

While older H3 versions will cost a bit less, purchase quality is reduced by their lack of engine upgrades and handling.

On newer H3 models, value is derived from the V8 engine, standard four-wheel drive, off-road capabilities, and on-road handling. While a used but late-year H3 will cost more than leading alternatives, it will pack more value over typically prioritized exterior build looks and on-road comfort. A lacking interior and poor fuel economy make other alternatives better, if towing power and consistent drives aren't top concern.

Design & Performance

The H3 is considerably more "civilized" than larger Hummers, packing a solid performance without neglecting off-road capabilities. Highway riders are paid much-needed attention, as the H3's lightweight design allows consistent performance across all arenas.

That said, off-roaders who require Hummer's reknown cut-throat performance may be left unsatisfied. On five-cylinder models, the H3's automatic transmission can become rough when transitioning from low to high speeds.

Powertrain & Engine

The Hummer H3's first edition is available with a 3.5-liter, straight five-cylinder L52 engine-which produces 220 horsepower and 225 pound-feet of torque. In subsequent years, the Hummer is available with the following engines and powertrains:

  • A 3.5-liter L52 inline-five engine
  • A 3.7-liter LLR inline-five engine
  • A 5.3-liter LH8 V8 engine

2009 H3 models benefit from a 239-horsepower upgrade, which produces 241 pound-feet of torque. Revised EPA test standards, when equipped to any later-year H3 models, can boost fuel economy to 40 mpg and 18 mpg on roads and highways, respectively. V8 purchasers can expect a 300-horsepower variant which produces 320 pound-feet of torque.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

Carrying short overhangs and a wide track, newer H3 models are shorter than they appear. A used model will, however, pack the following across most trims:

  • Hummer's signature seven-slot louvered grill
  • A full-size, rear-mounted spare tire
  • A swing-out tailgate
  • Locking rear differential
  • Off-road suspension

Inside, drivers can expect supreme comfort with the H3's prioritization of space abundance. While requiring an upward climb to enter, the H3's side steps are certainly useful. On later models, the H3's optional leather upholstery is a welcomed luxury addition.

Remote keyless entry, cruise control, and an OnStar communications system are standard among most models, as is Onstar's Safety and Security package. And, the Hummer H3 hasn't cut any corners on comfort and safety.

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