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Customer Review Summary for Hummer

(120 Reviews)

Bad car

2007 Hummer H3 Stephanie - Kansas City, Mo 03/08/2012

Sucks up the gas way too much at a time! I got 2 mpg when i had mine. HORRIBLE. Not good for kids or pets.


2007 Hummer H3 American Guy - Dallas, TX 10/14/2011

With the PRIDE OF DRIVING THE ALL AMERICAN SUV, that is also taken the market as the worlds leader in SUVs. The design is awesome that is a vehicle that will turn heads at every place it travels. The Quality, Power, Reiliability, and Durability can be felt when your behind the wheel of this beautiful beast of American Craftsmanship. The GM Vortec InLine 5 Cyl. Engine has proven the power off-road, strong torque, and rugged capabilities, while providing long lasting reliability where H3s have been documented to have 240,000 miles and still running strong. For a the weight of the this powerful SUV, with nice on traveling, great touring, and rugged go anywhere off-road capabilities, the H3 gets pretty good fuel economy, then with running Synthetic oil and Synthetic Fluids along with a High Air Flow Air Filter along with keeping up with scheduled maintenance...we have seen 17 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the hwy with a boost in power and performance. The A/C blows like a high power turbo that with the climate controls can get the H3 temperature to perfect for all passengers. The interior has a unique character where you feel like you are in a luxury military vehicle. The interior is durable, instrument cluster is very cool, plenty of passenger space, many unique interior features, a nice cargo bay with storage compartments, tie down hooks, a compartment door in the back door holding the jack, and the interior is as much unique as the exterior. A great feature about the H3 is OnStar where you have emergency 24 hour road side assistance to automatic detecting an accident and sending rescue to the location via the GPS, at any moment you can ask OnStar to run a full Diagnostic Check of your H3 to make sure all system, saftey features and the Engine are operating correcting and if a panel light comes on, OnStar can diagnose it with the push of a button.OnStar also offers many other feature from hands free calling, GPS, to making reservations or buying movie tickets and you get to speak to a live person. When you buy a used H3, you get 3 months OnStar Service free and the terms maybe longer depending on mileage, year, where purchased, and specials. Also there are many gadgets, a great stereo system, very smooth ride, tire pressure check, compass, weather temperature monitor, satelite radio option, built in cd changer and it is a nice, quite ride that when your in the cockpit, you will feel like your gliding on air. If you have the 4x4 that is push button controls, then their is no stopping the H3 off road. Also no worries on service,as GM uses the same engine in their Colorado Truck and can be serviced at any GMC or Cheverolet Dealer. It is truly one awesome vehicle and as an owner you can join the elite HUMMER CLUB.

2007 Hummer H3

2007 Hummer H3 LS3CAM - SoCal Mountains 03/13/2011

It is sure a shame that GM had to shed the Hummer brand. The H3 is one of the most capable 4X4s ever. The wife and I needed to add and additional vehicle to our household. It had to be either a truck or SUV, and had to be four wheel drive. We live in the SoCal Mountains and get quite a bit of snow in the winter. The H3 is full time four wheel drive with four wheel lock and four-low lock. The inline 5 cylinder engine provides decent power and fuel economy. It has plenty of room inside for all of the kid's baseball and football equipment. It is the perfect size! Not too big and not too small. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone needing a mid-size 4X4 vehicle.

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