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Customer Review Summary for Hummer

(120 Reviews)

H3 great family value

2008 Hummer H3 bms1113 - Northbrook, IL 11/09/2010

It can be very stressful and costly for a family of 4 with small children to travel safely to grandma's house, after school activities, or even the doctors office. With all of the restrictions on safety seats that take up entire rows of seating not to mention being limited to the options of minivans that cost $40k and SUVs that take up 2 parking spaces and offer zero visibility. Our family was confident when we purchased a 2006 Suburu Forrester wagon that we had made a positive choice. Not so, at 6 feet tall I found an economy class middle seat on a packed airplane provided more legroom and overall comfort than our wagon. Two carseats later I got anxiety at the mere site of the vehicle and the potential discomfort it would soon provide me with as soon as we had to all go anywhere. We found solace in the option of an H3 Hummer. In a million years I never would have thought this was an option. There is a lot of bad stigma associated with this brand based on the misconception that there is poor fuel economy (Unlike the Hummer and H2 this one gets 18 mpg city, and 22 hwy its actually quite impressive). GM will honor warranty and service this vehicle at any location since there are no Hummer locations anymore. I consider that a bonus since as an owner I can take it to any dealership that services any vehicle in the GM fleet. This vehicle is very roomy, the visibility is amazing, I feel totally safe and we fill up on gas once a week regardless. Honestly I was looking for the roominess in a used Ford Flex which turned out to be very rare and way out of my price range. Mini vans seem to hold their value in used car pricing but again, way to much $$$ to start with. Neither of these options would have offered a noticeablybetter fuel economy. The bottom line is that this is an incredible option and hits on all the needs for my family. I did not purchase this as a commuter car to put 50 miles or more a day and sit in traffic, that would be a bad idea. If this is an a concern you should pass on this vehicle. It fits in a single parking spot, basically its like parking a jeep cherokee, and has an incredible turning radius. Too bad that Hummer couldn't stay in the game during the last fuel crisis, because this model in particular is hands down superior to any SUV I test drove in every way that mattered. Seriously consider this vehicle as an option if you are lucky enough to find one, at least give it a test drive.

2007 H-3 Hummer

2007 Hummer H3 Bullmoose - High Point, NC 06/15/2010

I am really enjoying my Hummer H-3. Seating is very comfortable and has superior headroom (I'm 6' 2"). I also like the styling. It turns heads and draws favorable comments practically every time I drive it. Nice interior. The Hummer pulls strong with a trailer. Handling is good too. Mileage around town is 14 mpg, exactly as advertised. Haven't had it on any long trips yet to check the open road mileage but I expect 19 to 20 mpg. It doesn't have a lot of "punch" acceleration from a stop that I had expected from a V-5 engine. However has plenty of power, even when pulling a load uphill. It is in constant 4WD. Would have preferred a 2WD capability that likely would have improved gas mileage. Driving comfort is what you would expect from a vehicle with off road potential, just a tad stiff and bumpy but much better than the Jeep Liberty that it replaced. You can shut the engine off and remove the ignition key while the Hummer is still in gear. Then it will roll forward or backward if you are parked on even a gentle slope. Unless the H-3 has the tow package option you will need to have the vehicle wired for towing electrical connections if desired. There isn't a 7 pin plug connection unless you have the towing package option. Wife loves driving it too. Her usual vehicle is an Accura TL.

Hummer H3

2007 Hummer H3 Pittfan - Orlando, FL 07/21/2011

I love the looks of the vehicle. Its sporty and comfortable. I have owned vehicles for 33 years and have never had to have a vehicle towed. I bought this Hummer approximately a month ago. After this vehicle I will never be able to say that again. The "PASSLOCK" anti theft system kicked in for no apparent reason after stopping for gas while on a trip. It could not be reset. After a 60 mile tow to the nearest dealership, an extremely large tow bill and a 16 hour delay we were on our way. The whole system had to be re wired. I have talked to a few Hummer H3 owners and they had the same problem. Now some of the electrical components do not work. Now every time I start the vehicle I hope that it will start. The vehicle shifts hard and is very sluggish from the start. The heated seats turn on at each start. This is very uncomfortable when it is 95 degrees out. I traded in a Chevrolet pick up for the Hummer. I'm thinking this was a mistake.

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