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(23 Reviews)

Last minute switch!

2007 Hyundai Tucson Botanical Garden - Virginia 02/01/2012

After driving a truck with a five-speed manual transmission for the last ten years, this grandmother decided it was time for something new different and a little easier to drive. After doing the research to eliminate various makes and models that did not offer the features I was looking for, it came down to two choices. A brand new station wagon looked attractive with all-wheel drive (a must since I live out in the country on a back road) and plenty of room for the grand kids. It was available in a nice color and the interior was a clean design, but when I sat in the drivers seat, I felt strangely low down and did not have the height advantage offered by the truck. The one car that did offer the features of driver seat height, design, overall size and appearance was the Hondai Tucson. However, in 2009 the model I liked was changed and the new one did not offer the same styling. It did not seem possible to find what I wanted and finally after two months of searching, I decided to go and buy the station wagon. While driving to place my order, I got a call to say a Hondai Tucson 2007 had just come in and had a sun-roof and leather interior and low mileage. End of story - I immediately went to test-drive and bought it the same day. Driving has become pleasurable again and the extra trim package in the car is so enjoyable.

2007 Tucson SE

2007 Hyundai Tucson Muirchu - Chicago, IL 03/17/2009

Above all, the Tucson is great value for the money. We wanted an SUV with strong safety features (airbags, ABS, etc.) and a V6, but we also wanted a vehicle that we could still park on crowded Chicago streets. The Tucson was the best combination of features, size, and price. The only trade-off is that the interior finish in the Tucson isn't as upscale as, for example, the Toyota RAV4. The Tucson looks spartan in comparison but is solidly built and well-assembled. We've noticed no rattles or loose knobs. We haven't noticed a significant difference in handling or road noise between the Tucson, the RAV4, or the CRV.

this is a great at a very low price

2007 Hyundai Tucson Anonymous - Los Angeles, CA 07/11/2014

this car is reliable and low maintenance

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