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(49 Reviews)

Perfect Blend of Sport & Luxury

2006 Infiniti M45 LouDawgs - Atlanta, GA 07/18/2010

Simply put, this car is well worth every penny and I would put this up against any car in it's class. I spent several weeks reading all the reviews,test driving all the cars like the A6, BMW 5's, Lexus GS and even the M35. Of all the cars I have owned, the BMW 7 was my by far favorite to drive and is the type of ride quality I still seek in car. That being said, I have also vowed never to buy German again and caution anyone who's thinking about buying one. Contrary to popular belief, they don't run or last forever. I have 3 other American and Japanese cars...all of them combined cost less to own than the "Beemer" an that's no lie. So for me, it ended up coming down to Lexus GS and the M. I liked the look an interior of the Lexus, but there was something about the M45 that kept luring me back and after driving both back to really was no contest. The M45 had it all including a little extra wind, engine and road noise, but it was not enough to bother me in the least. The engine and exhaust are refined, but there's just enough rumble when you pull the car in the garage to remind you that a small beast still lies under the hood waiting to play. Like others have said, it's not a sports car designed to tear up the roads, but if your looking for that perfect blend of refined luxury, spacious and comfortable cabin everyday, but still want to get the rush when accelerating on highways and/or hugging curves aggressively, this car does it all, and does it as well as anything out there. A BMW eater for sure! Get the M45 Sport and Nav Package if you really enjoy driving and like to have all the toys. The cooled seats and Bose system are my 2 favorite features. It's got a few minor design quirks and doesn't have the prettiest interior, but that's also why I's unique and not a "me too" car. My 2006 does not have an Ipod jack, which bugs me a bunch, so I will be adding this month, and I wish it had split rear seats that fold down, but other than that...It's perfect.

Performance and Technology

2006 Infiniti M45 MarkAce - Los Angeles 06/02/2009

If you're looking for performance and tech in one package, the Infiniti M45 Sport has it. First, a 4.5 V8 engine is more than enough to accelerate you from 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. Yet, it's loaded with technology to keep in entertained. Pros: 340 hp, 340 lbs of torque, rear active steer (rear wheels actually turn to help in cornering), handles beautifully and it�s priced well. I recommend getting the advanced technology package, which includes Navigation, 14 speaker - BOSE 5.1 studio surround sound, Adaptive (Radar) cruise control, Bluetooth, Voice recognition, DVD Video system, and more�� Cons: Miles per gallon is not great, but respectable at around 20 mpg on this V8. But compared to other cars, it�s not bad. All around, it�s a great car. I recommend test driving this car with its competitors to really feel the difference.

Getting a car just got better

2006 Infiniti M45 Monika - Victorville, CA 11/06/2014

Because its reliable, sleek, has power and not a gas guzzler

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