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All around excellent!

2009 Jeep Patriot MajesticTOASTER - Houston, Texas 01/10/2010

I purchaced my patriot 4 weeks ago, and while it is a little soon to write a review about it, I felt the need to give my initial thoughts on this wonderful vehicle. First of all, I am 16, and this is my first vehicle. When looking for cars, I was searching for something that had lots of leg room (since I'm over 6 feet tall), a young and sporty vibe to it, and most important, safety. This jeep has all three of those qualities. My first impression with the amount of space in the cabin was pleasantly suprised. I had read reviews that said that patriots were cramped, had little leg room, and were all around uncomfortable. This is false. Sitting in the drivers seat, I feel like I have just enough space for my legs and body. Coming from someone who's almost 6'2, that's saying something. My family members who rode in the back seat said they had plenty of comfort and room back there, even with my seat scooted all the way back. The looks of this jeep are great. If you're into the classic round headlights and the classic jeep flair, but perhaps not something you'll drive through the mud everyday, the patriot is for you. I originally had jeeps in mind because they are large vehicles that look young and sporty. Since it is extremely difficult to find a compact SUV that isn't considered to be a "mom car", I was happy that this car met my requirements, all while looking fresh and exciting. In fact, my favorite thing about this vehicle is that it looks like an SUV, but doesn't feel like an SUV at all. I don't get the feeling of "I'm looking down on you" while on the streets, and yet I had the pick up and go feeling I desired. This car literally drives like a dream. And lastly, the safety. Jeeps have received 5/5 stars in their federal crash test ratings for their safety features. Added side air bags are a nice touch that really sold my parents on this car. The jeep website has a full list of safety features that you can look through if you wish. So, in conclusion, this jeep is the perfect ride for everyone that likes ample interior space, off-road ability, classic sporty looks, and a strong dedication to safety. Happy Jeeping. : ]

Nice Looking, But Too Pricey for its Interior

2009 Jeep Patriot GreekGoddess - Richmobnd, VA 06/08/2011

I've had my Patriot for 2 years and overall have been satisfied with the performance. No troubles with the engine, transmission, brakes etc. It does take some getting used to a CVT transmission (belt driven). I really like the body style and nice clean lines. Manufacturer Issues: Only one manufacturer defect...the sunroof leaking. After multiple trips to the dealer discovered the drain tubes were too small to handle drainage from parking my car at an angle at home. Funny thing, Jeep must have realized this too, cause after the last trip to the dealer, they replaced with a set of larger tubes jeep sent out just because of this. No problems with it since. It also gets fair gas mileage. About 19 average around town and up to 21 or so on the highway. My only real complaint about the car itself is the cheapness of the interior. All of the vinyl is of very cheap grade, and I can't believe that Jeep made it so cheap. This is the thing that ticked me off enough to want to trade it in. Personal Issues: The lack of storage space. I think tho that I was spoiled though by my old '98 Grand Cherokee. Door height. When sitting in the drivers seat I can't put my arm up on the sill because it is so HIGH. Or for other things like I can't reach out my window to the ATM, at the McD's drive thru, etc.. It was physically painful to rest my arm on the sill. The center console is weird. There is a 12v wall type outlet and cigarette lighter type but both are ignition keyed, meaning that they only work when the car is on. That is totally stupid! The UConnect is pretty cool. I have gotten totally spoiled having my phone connected with bluetooth! I don't ever have to fumble with my phone while driving anymore. It has a 20g hard drive for all my music and photos and it has navigation! The only drawback to that is you have to pay like $300 to get a map update! I never did and have been fine. Overall a great car for the right person!

Not on our radar screen

2009 Jeep Patriot Cherrybom's Mom - Atlanta, GA 04/26/2011

Purchased a green Jeep Patriot for our college age daughter. Although we were looking for a small to midsize SUV, the Patriot was not on our radar screen. After test driving, several different SUV, we were impressed with the ride, comfort, and cargo space. Our daughter found it to be a very nice fit for her small frame. Her friends think it is a perfect match for her! Gave a 4 star rating on performance just because we've only had a short period of time. So far no concerns.

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2009 Jeep Patriot Sport Specifications

158 horsepower@6400rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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