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Used 2009 Jeep Wrangler for Sale

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2009 Jeep

$21,998* 61K miles
CarMax Midlothian
Available in Richmond, VA
Available in Richmond, VA
Key Features
Location: CarMax Midlothian in Richmond, Virginia 23114
Description: Used 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X for sale - $21,998, 61,130 miles with 4WD/AWD, Satellite Radio Ready, Tow Hitch, Running Boards, Auxiliary Audio Input, Cruise Control
Transmission: Automatic Color:Red Interior Color: Black Average Vehicle Review: (4.552 reviews) The sales man was great and listend to my wants and showed me all my options in my comfort range and I decided on an awesome jeep wrangler! That my family has enjoyed verry Mutch ! I looked for months at all the big dealers and feel carmax was the right place to buy! Good luck! Thanks carmax!!

2009 Jeep

$19,998* 28K miles
CarMax Turnersville
Free Transfer to your store - NJ to VA
Free Transfer to your store - NJ to VA
Key Features
Location: CarMax Turnersville in Sicklerville, New Jersey 08081
Description: Used 2009 Jeep Wrangler Sahara for sale - $19,998, 28,260 miles with 4WD/AWD, Infinity Sound System, Satellite Radio Ready, Auxiliary Audio Input, Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels
Transmission: Automatic Color:Black Interior Color: Gray Average Vehicle Review: (4.552 reviews) First things first... The one thing I can say about a Jeep is that if you're thinking of buying a Jeep, you need to be sure what it is you're buying. I got the 2009 Wrangler Rubicon, 2-door, soft top, with a manual transmission. It's loud. It's bumpy. The top isn't some push-button automatic deal to take down and put up. The cargo room is non-existent (if you need cargo room, get the 4 door version). It's built for off-roading, and has a VERY short wheelbase, so the on-road ride is not very good. If you want a Jeep just because you want a 4-seater convertible, you should probably buy a Camry Solara Convertible or an Audi A4. A Jeep is a Jeep, and you need to be "a Jeep person" to really be happy owning one. With the manual top and the zip-in rear windows, the expectation should be that if you're dropping the top, you're going to keep it off for a week or more. If you're not willing to expose yourself to the elements for that long, you'll never put the top down, and then you defeat the purpose of buying a Jeep in the first place. That said, all of the above did not negatively impact my review in any way. It's just to let people know what they're getting into. The actual negatives that did affect the review were as follows: 1) Gas mileage: They rate the Rubicon at 15/19, and I struggle to get 15 out of it with a mix of surface street and freeway driving. I do feel like I'm always filling the thing up. Not that my previous vehicle (2000 Ford Ranger V6) got great mileage, but it seemed to be much better than the Jeep. 2) Gearing: With a 6 speed manual, I expect the top gears to be well-suited for cruising at modest RPM. The gearing, on the other hand, is *VERY* short. At freeway speeds, I'm nearing 3K RPM, where given the torque of the motor and the very low redline, I'd expect to be around 2K. And the very narrow gearing means that I'm shifting gears constantly, even moreso than with my Ranger, which was a 5 speed manual. I don't mind the short gearing in the low gears, as that's probably useful for off-roading, but if they spaced the higher gears out a bit more, that really would improve the real-world characteristics. 3) No bluetooth: The radio has buttons for bluetooth connection, but for some reason they don't enable this on the Wrangler. With the CA handsfree law, I was *really* looking forward to having bluetooth, and when I test drove the Jeep, seeing those buttons suggested to me that the feature was present. Then after I took delivery when I tried to start syncing it with my phone, I realized that the buttons were completely non-functional. If they're not-functional, *TAKE THEM OFF*. I felt a major disappointment when Jeep could easily have avoided this by merely not putting the labeling on those buttons and making me think the feature was there. All that said, am I happy with the vehicle? Yes. With the exception of the above complaints, it's exactly what I expected a Jeep to be, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Reviews for 2009 Jeep Wrangler

Overall Rating

4.6 out of 5(28 reviews)

Fun sunchaser for whole family

The Wrangler Unlimited is a great choice for a family that wants to have some outdoors fun, needs space or five, and loathes doing it all in a minivan or SUV that blends in with everyone else. The drop top, and myriad of options from taking the top completely off, folding it back in sunrider mode, taking off the doors, and removing windows give you endless ways to chase the sun and have fun doing it. The ride is quite smooth on the highway and not bad in city streets either. Plus you have the ability to park anywhere you want, and cross terrain everyone else is afraid of even considering. This is not a sports car so do not expect rocket fast acceleration. But then again who buys a Jeep to run the quarter mile? A great all around vehicle that turns heads and is fun to drive. A do not forget you will become part of the Jeep Wrangler community.

- The Minker, 2009 Jeep Wrangler

Cheap convertible/SUV

Great price for a convertible. The doors are heavy with the power windows to remove and can become difficult to remove after a couple of years. Its a family SUV but still fun to drive. I suggest you avoid the automatic since the 4door Wrangler is so heavy and under powered. The 6speed is adequete and offers acceptable gas mileage (19 mpg on average for me). Your kids will love the rear seat room and driving with the doors off. Check your local State law regarding driving without side mirrors with the doors off. I wish Jeep would offer portable mirrors when driving without the doors. The hardtop is very easy to remove the front two pieces over the driver and passenger but too heavy and akward for just one or two people to remove the rear. Opt for the larger tires for better handling. It is difficult finding a comfortable driving position on long trips. Lots of squeeks and rattles but I think you have to accept that considering it is a Jeep. Of course, 4 wheel drive driving and off road is top notch. I rolled through this past years blizzard without a problem. If you want fun in the sun but need to transport the kids and all of their gear this may be the ride for you. Buy an extended warranty however.

- mark, 2009 Jeep Wrangler

Wrangler 4 door

Great wrangler. Went from 95 wrangler, to 05 wrangler to 07 wrangler 4 door soft top. The 07 and newer wranglers do use some cheaper plastic pieces, but hardly noticible....and it cuts down on price. Does not require a lot of lift to fit bigger tires, and with the longer wheel base it rides a lot smoother. the only problems i have with the jeep is the motor. Jeep took away the AMAZING 4.0 straight six and went with the more economical 3.8 V6. Not a lot of torque, or power. As most jeep clubs say power of a prius thirst of a hemi. But you cant beat an open top wrangler with the doors off! so if you decide to buy a wrangler, dont forget to wave at your fellow jeeper, and stop and talk about jeeps!

- donktoes, 2009 Jeep Wrangler

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