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Customer Review Summary for Kia Borrego

(25 Reviews)


2009 Kia Borrego - Guthrie, OK 02/21/2012

We bought our Kia Borrego in January of 2012 - it had previously been a rental. There were several reasons we chose the Borrego over the other 4 cars we drove (all mid-size SUV type). 1) It's high profile - we live on a dirt road and we're constantly getting nails in our tires...the high profile aspect allowed for a light truck tire, which we're hoping will cut down on the visits to the tire store. Our previous vehicle was a 2005 Chevy Uplander and literally, the tire store knows me by my first name because we're in every other week having a nail pulled. 2) It's 4WD - again, living in the country and being responsible for getting our kids to school/work/church we need to make sure we can get where we need to get, when we need to get there. Schools are in town (where they actually sand/salt the roads) so often, the worst part of the drive is our dirt road! 3) It has the capacity to hold 7 people - we were really grateful to find a vehicle that could accommodate as many passengers as our van (when we need it to)! 4) The second and third row fold all the way down, so cargo space is flexible, although it's VERY limited when all the seats are up. It would be difficult to get very many pieces of luggage in the back if 7 people were in the vehicle - that must be the reason for the ability to pile them on top! 5) The tow hitch was a nice perk, although we probably won't use it! Things I didn't realize about the car when I bought it: 1) The lights don't automatically turn off (exterior or manual interior) where the ones in our previous vehicle did. So, we've had to become really diligent about making sure we turn the lights off - a hard habit to get used to again! 2) You can access the third row easily only from the right side of the vehicle - and it's quite cumbersome to get the seat moved to get in. In fact, within one month of purchasing the vehicle the lever cap on the mechanism that moves the second row up and forward came off and it's taken quite an act of congress to get a new one found. This may be a common problem with this vehicle - when we purchased the car one of the A/C vent louvers was broken in the back seat. 3) The gas tank doesn't hold much - I'm having to fill up about every 4 days, where my van would last closer to a week. Not more money, necessarily, just more stopping at the gas station. 4) There seems to be a bit of dragging between 35-45 mph - not always, but definitely there. It's been difficult to get a mechanic to understand because they can't seem to replicate it in the shop, but I really notice it on hills. Other times, though, I notice it when I'm driving on a flat surface. So, that may be something else I end up having to deal with later. I even checked with Kia, thinking there may have been an update or recall, and there wasn't anything there for them to try. Things I'd heard about it that I did consider but didn't keep me from purchasing: 1) This vehicle was manufactured for only one year - I figure Kia isn't going anywhere, so this wasn't an issue for me. In fact, everything I read said that people wish Kia would bring it back because they like it that much that they'll want to replace it with another. 2) The A/C and heat stop at the second seat (no rear air) which may prove to be more of an issue when we experience another hot summer, but I am hoping that the design of the tinted windows, the light cloth seats and the way the vents sit in the middle will work alright - I guess we'll leave that to be seen. Overall, we're pleased! I would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

2009 Kia Borrego

2009 Kia Borrego L - , 02/05/2014

This vehicle has a good number of amenities for a great price. Heated leather seats, navigation, 3rd row seat.


2009 Kia Borrego mikey - indianapolis, 01/14/2012

I love my kia I would recommend any of there models to anyone my borreg

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