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(17 Reviews)

Heading to Sedona Arizona to see my aunt Eldona!

2012 Kia Sedona M5 - , 02/19/2013

Our old Ford Taurus finally died, so upgraded to a Kia Sedona. We chose the Sedona primarily for the price, but now that we have it we are extremely happy! The Pro's: -Lots of space! There's lots of little compartments throughout the van, it's nice to store kid stuff. The rear seats fold down to make the rear cargo area completely flat which is nice for hauling big stuff. There's plenty of room to get from front to back, and the rear seats are comfortable and large enough for 2 full size adults (3 if your feel like getting cozy but not cramped). POWER! The Sedona has a zippy 6 cylinder, but really it feels like a V8! You will have no problems passing cars on highways and hauling around lots of heavy stuff. We plan on using it's 3500lb tow capacity to haul our travel trailer this summer, and I'm confident it will do it just fine. OK Tech. It's not tech heavy but what it does have is nice. An ipod interface, Sirius Satalite Radio, and a direct Bluetooth link from the radio to your cell phone to go hands free. The hands free feature is very nice, since the microphone is directly above the driver side and when you link your phone, it automatically downloads your address book. The phone controls on the steering column make hands free calling a breeze. Great Warranty: Factory 5 year /50K bumper to bumper, 10 year/100k power train. What more can you ask for? The CONS Styling: Ya, it looks old, especially since they haven't updated the styling since the van came out in the early 2000's, but hey, we were looking for a minivan that was newer, fit our budget, and had a good warranty. Frankly it could look like a cross between a Pontiac Aztec and and AMC Pacer and we still would have bought it. Quality: Some area's of the Van seem a little cheap, like the plastic molding in some areas. But no more than any other average car out there. It's not a friggin Jaguar and it knows it. CarMax: OK, so we've bought and sold a bunch of cars to CarMax over the years. They are our go-to guys for cars for us, and they probably will be in the future. BUT they are out there to make money, and when we were going through the process, they were REALLY pushing the CarMax warranty on us. I had to ask the sales guy twice, and then eventually confirm it on my iphone and show him that we didn't need the cCarMax warranty because the factory warranty already covered everything. If I hadn't been insistent on the factory warranty, we would have paid $1250 for a warranty that would be completely useless to us.

Automobile Minivan: Part Duex

2012 Kia Sedona C - Place, CA 07/11/2014

The car is what it is. A fine mid-level minivan. It has space for days, and can fill it's fat gut with tiny human-cubs. The roof rack is adequate. The price was the main selling point for us.

A great minivan

2012 Kia Sedona Bill - Nashville,TN 08/30/2012

For the price, this is the most cost effective minivan on the market. While it has all the requirements, it may not have all the luxury items in other minivans. Nowever these come at consderable additional cost. Nonetheless, If you have a big family, a grandparent with many grandchildren, or are a soccer mom that needs a good dependable vehicle, this is the one.

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