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(96 Reviews)

Great economic car with comfort

2007 Kia Spectra new to kias - Austin, Tx 03/10/2009

My Kia Spectra wasn't even on the list to test drive because I thought Kias were cheap cars and I was looking for a more stylish car. I just happened to pass by this blue one and the spoiler and tinted windows caught my eyes. I had been test driving for so long that I knew whether a car was going to work the second I sat in it. This theory definitely applied to this car. I was surprised to find the car had lot of get up an go, but breaks work just as well too for those unexpected moments on the road. On that note, great gas mileage too. I do a lot of highway and city driving mixed throughout the week and so far my max is 380 miles to a tank. That is amazing! The overall comfort is great. I only wish there was a different lever to adjust my driver seat. It sort of pumps you up and forward at the same time or down and away from the steering wheel. There is also a lot of storage space to eliminate car clutter. The car also has a nice appearance inside and out, which met my high standards for style (I like the spoiler on mine). The a/c and radio controls are also on the sporty side. I don't feel that I can speak for quality because I have only had the car for a few months. If it means anything, it still has that new car smell, the paint hasn't chipped off....and no repairs what so ever. Now, when I hear value I instantly think you have to lower your standards, but I really didn't. Because I bought used I wasn't really losing anything because someone else had already driven it off the lot for me and this vehicle had all the extras like auxiliary outputs and adapters to charge electronics, plus tinted windows and rear spoiler. Of course it had side curtain air bags throughout the car and the passenger front air bag turns off (and a light turns on telling you so) when there is not enough weight applied. A/c and defroster as well. I don't know how much of this is tailored to a vehicle, but those safety features are difficult to come by at an vehicle price. Hope this helps.

2/18/11 07 Kia Spectra

2007 Kia Spectra Tyeisha - Raleigh, NC 04/09/2011

I purchased my car on 2/18/2011 and so far, it has been running well and I've only had one issue, which was the battery going completely dead on me. I don't know much about cars, so I did not bother to check under the hood, so I ended up with a bad battery that hadn't been changed since 2007. So I spent $108 on a new battery because my extended warranty does not cover batteries. Not to mention I was 2 1/2 hours late for work! This is my first car, and even though I ran into the issue with my battery dying on me, I like my car and how it runs. I have no other complaints so far about it. It was in good condition to be a used car, it's pretty good on gas as long as you're not driving as much as I am during the week and in one day. I would recommend this car to someone else if you are really in need of a car like I was, or if you just want something that's good on gas and to get around in.

Efficient, affordable, adorable

2004 Kia Spectra Rachel - Thornton, CO 07/12/2014

This was the first car I purchased without my parents support. The car makes me proud. It is small, but perfect for the city and gets great gas mileage on the highways. It is great for what it is as an older model. I do not mind having manual doors and windows, though I do wish the car had cruise control and pockets in the back of the driver and passenger seats. Otherwise there is plenty of storage space and room for passengers and a large trunk for all other cargo. It is a great first car and at 100,000+ miles still reliable and running great.

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2008 Kia Spectra SX Specifications

138 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway
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