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2008 Lexus IS 250 Base Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 2.5L
Horsepower 204 horsepower@6400rpm
MPG City 21
MPG Highway 29

Customer Review Summary for 2008 Lexus IS 250

(27 Reviews)

The best car at a great price I've ever owned

2008 Lexus IS 250 Michael Jones - Atlanta, GA 06/13/2016

If you test drive one, you will buy it !

Love my car and worth every dollar

2008 Lexus IS 250 Ana Smercyanski - Ceres, CA 02/28/2017

Luxury and smooth ride!

2008 Lexus is 250

2008 Lexus IS 250 Ron - Urbanna, VA 09/24/2010

I have had my Lexus for less than a year and to date there have been no issues. The gas milage has been better than the posted mpg. I have been averaging just under 28 mpg. I love the style and overall appearance of the car. I have long legs and there is no room for a rear passenger on the driver's side. However, I did not purchase it with the intention of carpooling.

2008 Lexus IS-250 Overview

Every model in the Lexus lineup is known for its well-tuned and sophisticated build, and the IS 250 is no exception. This entry-level luxury car is aimed to please drivers and passengers alike with its remarkable performance, comfort, and entertainment options. Although the exterior styling screams racecar, the interior finish offers elegance unmatched by the competition in this class. Furthermore, the handpicked drivetrain and suspension components work flawlessly to ensure this vehicle always performs at its limits in all driving situations. And despite its wholly refined build, the 2008 Lexus IS 250 offers incredible value at every available trim level.

2008 Lexus IS-250 History

Lexus originally developed the Intelligent Sport, or IS, model line as the Toyota Altezza for release in the Japanese luxury car market. Upon receiving a rave reception, this model line came to the United States as the Lexus IS200 and IS300. As the IS lineup entered its second generation in 2005, the IS 250 was born.

By 2008, this luxury vehicle received styling refinements and performance tuning to boost its competitive edge and overall value. The model changes included:

  • Improved steering system for better feedback and feel
  • Reworked dash mechanics and appearance
  • Increased legroom for rear passengers
  • Diverse wheel finishes added to the options
  • Revised suspension system for improved handling

With these changes, the IS 250 enjoyed improved popularity and sales through the 2008 model year and beyond.

How It Drives

As a true luxury vehicle, the IS-250 offers a smooth, comfortable ride even during situations calling for brisk acceleration and hard cornering. Lexus achieves this civilized ride by equipping the IS 250 with independent double-wishbone suspension up front and independent multilink suspension in the rear. With the optional all-wheel drive package, this vehicle can easily traverse ice, snow, and even mud-covered surfaces without any causing any distress to the driver. The improved steering components make quick adjustments and sharp turns a breeze by way of a three-turn, lock-to-lock ratio for the wheel.

Used 2008 Lexus IS-250 Value

With standard features galore, the IS-250 offers immense value over competing luxury vehicles. Heated leather seats with memory settings, one-touch moonroof, LED interior lights, and keyless entry give this vehicle a user-friendly feel without the high price tag found on comparable models. To keep the vehicle pointed the right way, Lexus included electronic traction and stability control systems stock. The performance-minded engine, transmission, and suspension system offers precise performance on demand without the need for aftermarket upgrades. All-season tires and anti-lock brakes at all four wheels allow the IS-250 to stop on a dime.

Design & Performance

The wide, lightly raked stance makes the Lexus IS-250 look ready to go at a moment's notice, and with its highly-capable 2.5-liter V6, this vehicle lives up to that expectation. The performance specs achieved by this IS-250 include:

  • An output of 207 horsepower at 6400 RPMs
  • 252 ft-lb of torque produced at 3800 RPMs
  • Sub-16 second quarter-mile runs
  • A 17-to-one power to weight ratio

These performance specs allow drivers to bring the vehicle up to speed in a hurry to merge into traffic or pass slower vehicles with ease. The 3,455-pound curb weight does not detract from this performance, but it does give the IS-250 a solid look and feel. Through the twists and turns, the unibody structure and stiff suspension components minimize body roll for a truly-inspired drive.

Powertrain & Engine

As a part of the extensive IS lineup from Lexus, the IS-250 comes with the middle of the road power plant, but that does not mean it is lacking in performance. The 2.5-liter V6 engine quickly produces the power it needs for moments of pure acceleration. The dual overhead cam configuration amps up the torque production and helps the power come on at low RPMs. With the 24 valves opening and closing like a well-timed orchestra, the power smoothly arrives with a light touch of the gas pedal. The inspired six-speed manual transmission allows drivers to rapidly row through the gears and downshift when the occasion calls for a burst of speed.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

As a four-door sedan, this Lexus has a 107.5-inch wheelbase that softens the ride without compromising handling. The standard interior components make driving long distances in this vehicle an inviting experience every time. High-quality interior elements used for this luxury build include:

  • Leather seats
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Ergonomic dash buttons and controls
  • Dual-zone climate controls

In addition to offering comfort beyond compare, the IS 250 gives drivers a reason to look back in admiration of their vehicle while walking away in the parking lot. The exquisite, angular body lines and aggressive stance come together to create a timeless appearance that appeals to the masses.

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