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Lincoln Mark LT

2006 Lincoln Mark LT I Needed a Truck - Maryland 02/27/2011

Yes, the Mark LT is essentially an F150 with different grill and rear lights, etc., but this truck is loaded (by the way the Toyota Avalon and Lexus ES are the same vehicle--so what?). To get same options on F150 you'd have to go Platinum/King Ranch/or high end Lariat. Too bad this truck is so classy for folks to consider this a real work truck--it gets the job done, period. It's also too bad Ford only made them between 2006-08 in the USA, Mexico still had them through 2010. I purchased this vehicle used a year ago w/ 48k miles for my projects and I have not looked back--NO regrets. Low maintenance too. Drivers/owners: "PLEASE READ YOUR MANUAL FOR MAINTENANCE", this is not only for the Mark LT, but any vehicle--dispell the maintenance myths by reading your manual. By the way, a friend has a 1997 Ford Expedition with the same engine and transmission, currently with about 325k miles, no major engine work whatsoever.

Go Lincoln

2006 Lincoln Mark LT Dr. John - South Carolina 02/10/2008

While this is my first lincoln truck, I have had three other high dollar pickups (Cheverolet 2500, Ford F150, Toyota Tundra). This truck is by far the most comfortable. There are nice features on this truck. I miss the ability to lower the back window as found on the Tundra, however, the other comfort makes up for it. The rear seat storage is also disappointing, but again, comfort makes up for it. They styling is nice and the size is perfece for what I need. This is a great truck for the money!

Best investment ever

2006 Lincoln Mark LT OmahaMark - Omaha, NE 10/20/2010

This truck was ahead of its time. The amount of luxury in this truck is amazing, not to mention that it can be utilized for any towing and hauling jobs you need. You will hear that it is a essentially an F-150 with a Lincoln grill... I say... who cares if it is or it isn't, its a nice truck! Bottom line... the truck handles great and looks just as great! Anyone buying one will walk away satisfied!

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