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2007 Mazda Mazda3 I Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 2.0L
Horsepower 144 horsepower@6500rpm
MPG City 23
MPG Highway 31

Customer Review Summary for 2007 Mazda Mazda3

(45 Reviews)

Finally! Worry free!

2007 Mazda Mazda3 BadkittyATX - Austin, tx 10/16/2010

After years of nothing but trouble with my VW beetle I finally decided to trade the little guy in. I always liked the look of the Mazda3 so I took one out for a spin. I fell in love right away. It's comfy, quiet, has a little kick to it when you hit the gas pedal and best of all the gas mileage is amazing! I made it from austin to Dallas and half way back to austin on a tank of gas. The stereo is nice and I like the hidden mp3 hookup in the center console. The interior is nice and stylish. I really enjoy driving this car and I am so happy I finally have a reliable Eco-friendly car.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

2007 Mazda Mazda3 Dave 08MS3 - Indy 10/14/2008

I am 6'1" and 50 years old. The Mazda 3, particularly the Mazdaspeed, was not on my short list when I went car shopping. I went to see the new Mazda6, and while I was at the dealer, I saw a Mazdaspeed3 sitting on the lot. I asked the kid who was on the lot about it, and he says, "You never drove one of those?!?" So I did. Holy moly...better than my beemer 325...I bought it an hour later. Bad: I have long legs and I can imagine that a long trip might be a challenge, although with speed control, I suppose I could find a good way to sit in the super supportive and comfortable seats. The clutch takes a little getting used to, as does the shifter, which is the most unrefined equipment on the vehicle...but it's still fine once you get used to it. I would describe it as notchy...also, be ready to buy premium gas...and if you are going to drive year round where there's snow, you're going to have to consider getting some different tires for winter. The OEMs are summer only. Good: The seats are great, and I particularly like the rain sensing wipers. They seem to be calibrated very well. The upgraded Bose system is OK for me, since I'm not in the demographic that can still hear slight performance's capable. The gauges look good at night, and there's a headlight leveling feature that is pretty cool. Great: Once you master the takeoff and understand that 0-60 is a two shift, sub 6 second task, this car is way too much fun to drive. There are very few cars for twice the price that can accelerate, turn, and stop as well as the Mazdaspeed3. The OEM tires are awesome (in the summer), and the whole package makes for a great commuter or weekend road tripper. If you are my age and still have a soul, but maybe you're a little jaded, I recommend this car as a sure way to put a smile on your face. If you're young and immortal, you will love surprising the Evo and sTI owner...there are tons of aftermarket parts for the MS3... If you're on the fence about this it.

Great car

2007 Mazda Mazda3 Jared - Overland Park, KS 11/20/2008

Car has a random rattle, which I am trying to figure out and will soon fix (hopefully). Other than that, I am slightly disappointed with the stereo sound quality (I think caused by the CD player and its power output, etc.) and I am not excited about the car not having a MP3 CD player. For a different CD player to be installed, it would be a costly hassle, and even then the steering-wheel buttons may not work, so I was told. Overall the car is awesome. It steers and rides very well. The steering wheel controls are a plus from what I was used to. The car gets fair gas mileage, but not near what it said when I bought it.

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