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Used 2006 Mazda Mazda5 For Sale In Seattle, WA

(17 Reviews)
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Customer Review Summary for 2006 Mazda Mazda5

(17 Reviews)

The Jury is still out

2006 Mazda Mazda5 - 08/17/2012

Had to take it to the shop twice in the first 30 days. Once for a A/C Compressor going out then again for a Thermostat, Leaking A/C and replacement stabilizer bars. The car runs well for now, but I am worried I made a mistake choosing a 6 year old car. CarMax has been great and stands behind their work.

Versatile for size and price

2006 Mazda Mazda5 DJ Jocko - Chicagoland, IL 11/17/2008

I Got my Mazda 5 shortly after moving to the Chicago Area and learning what the true definition of traffic was. I was reluctant to get rid of my SUV as I had become accustomed to space, performance, and 4WD. This vehicle seemed to answer the passenger capacity and fun factor with great gas mileage at a reasonable price. We enjoyed this vehicle from the standpoint of economy, amenities, and sportscar-like handling. Knowing you get what you pay for and that utility differs by owner I do have a couple words of caution. You never realize how you take for granted an armrest until you are sitting in the passenger seat and have nowhere to put your arm. With sportscar features also come sportscar problems. Having low-profile tires and 17" rims, within the first year, I had bent the rims twice (hitting midwest potholes) and pinched a tire rendering it useless. None of these issues are cheap to repair, nor are they covered by warranty. If you live in an area prone to rain and snow, the low profile sport tires (which are a lot of fun on dry pavement) leave a lot to be desired. Plan on investing A LOT of money in the one brand of low-profile snow tires that actually fit and perform on wet/ slick pavement. My model was a sport trim version tricked out to have just about all of the touring features and amenities. Loved the convenience features, loved the looks, enjoyed driving on dry, winding roads and liked the 6 seat option. Don't take this vehicle on ski trips and drive on smooth pavement and you will enjoy it. I will not regret owning it but realized that, for my use, I will probably return to an SUV upon my next vehicle purchase.

Not like a mini van at all

2006 Mazda Mazda5 Gingie - San Francisco, Ca 03/04/2009

I was in the market for a car that could handle a lot of passengers without drying out my wallet or cramping my "style". I found it. The Mazda5 drives like a small car. The turn radius is amazing. It holds my kids and their friends AND I dont have to drive a MINI VAN. Can't a mom have some style? Yes she can, in a Mazda5! The best part is, the gas mileage is great! My kids also love the captain's chairs in the middle row. They feel so grown up. And I don't have to listen to "mom, he's on my side". Only draw back is the cargo space in the back. Although, the last row of seats folds down to make more area. If you plan on using the full 6 capacity of seats do not expect much cargo room.

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