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Used Mazda Mazda6 S in Hurst, TX for Sale

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Reviews for Mazda Mazda6

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4.5 out of 5(241 reviews)

one owner before me

Bad muffler exhaust makes noise while you are at a idle i have had it changed but the same noise came i wouldnt recomend it....a certified mechanic told me this model was a bad design by mazda and all the 2012 mazda 6's has this problem.......smh

- kirk kendell, 2012 Mazda Mazda6

my 2007 masda 6

I rented a Masda 6 to drive from Arizona home to California. I had a Volvo 80, which i sold and bought a 2007 masda 6 because I feel in love with that car! so far great car 27 mpg around town I got 36 on a long trip using the cruize control. I love my zoom zoom! the trunk is huge and I don't have to buy the expensive tires my Vovlo requried. I would buy it again!

- lead foot, 2007 Mazda Mazda6

Beware the 2.3L manual

I can only speak to the Mazda6i manual (mine happens to be the 5-door hatchback). The handling is excellent, but off the line and overall acceleration is in the compact car class range with the 2.3L (specifically 8.7sec 0-60 on mine). Ok, so the main thing I needed to tell people as an owner is this. Again, I can only speak for the manual, but this car is not for freeway use!!! The 4-cylinder (manual) is rather fuel efficient around town, and on the highway up to about 60MPH, but the gearing on this car doesn't make much sense to me. At freeway speeds (75-80 where I live), the engine is racing in top gear at 3800+ RPM. Yes, this is below red-line, but I can't believe it is good for the engine when run for hours at a time. It also degrades the fuel economy to 28MPG, though the car will get 32MPG in the lower 60MPH range I mentioned. I don't know why Mazda built the car this way (might have something to do with the paltry 153 ft-lbs of torque), but had I known I would not have bought it. I have a virtually brand new car in my driveway, and would fear taking it on road trips if not for the warranty. So the gearing negates the fuel efficiency of the 4-cylinder (in the manual, at least) if you drive much on the freeway, so get the V6.

- RobertNM, 2006 Mazda Mazda6

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