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Mercedes C-280 4-matic

2007 Mercedes-Benz C280 Alex - Nashville, TN 07/12/2010

Pros: 1. Very stylish, I like the style better than newer C-class models, extremely pretty car! 2. Comfortable seats, quite roomy for a smaller sedan. Interior build quality is very nice: the leather, while not as soft as in Lexus models, is less prone to damage and much nicer to the touch than BMW or Acura's rough and cheap-feeling leather. 3. Controls are good: buttons on the wheel are accessible, use them all the time, unlike in other cars; I do not have the navigation, but what limited info the control panel provides is useful and easy to navigate; while the buttons at the front console are weird (plenty of unused buttons not meant to be used in any package...), the overall layout is OK. Sound system is pretty good, compares to Mark Levinson's or Bose's. 4. The cruise control lever is great! Allows you to increase or decrease speed by one-mile increments or continuously, not just turn on or off - very handy. 5. It's a Mercedes, draws more attention than any of the similar class competition. Cons: 1. Road noise! At speeds starting at 60-65mph the car starts to kind of resonate, producing unpleasant noise, as if the wind blows through the neck of the bottle (not sure how to describe it differently). Either the tires start making that sound, or the 4matic package catches some resonation at higher speeds. It is not the engine sound, which is actually kind of mild. I'd prefer it to be the nice roaring engine sound than this annoying resonation - makes the ride a lot less enjoyable. Still hoping to figure it out with Mercedes' service, as car is on warranty - but suspect this might be "normal" for this car. 2. The engine, as said in all other reviews probably, is not as powerful or quick in acceleration, but it does its job. The car (like all Bavarians) is heavy, and the acceleration pedal is heavy as well, you need to actually lift your foot and press onto the top of the pedal to make you feel the reaction of the car better, much different than just putting the heel on the floor and slightly depressing the pedal as in Japanese or Korean cars for example. The brake pedal is much better - not too abrupt, not too soft; handling is also quite good - not much different from the praised BMW 3-series if you ask me. 3. Service - can't say it will be a disappointment (have not used it much yet of course), but after Lexus premium treatment first impression of Mercedes service was not as good, we'll see though. Overall the car is a good buy if you want meaningful luxury and comfort, well handling ride, and Mercedes s-e-x appeal :) Wish the car was faster with its responses and did not sound like a plane turbine engine at higher speeds, but I guess there is no ideal car until the moment you get a Bugatti.

Nice Ride

2006 Mercedes-Benz C280 DwnAsBro - Houston, TX 10/16/2010

I love driving this car. I am 6' 1" and have plenty of room and am very comfortable in this vehicle. The ride is nice and it loves to be driven on the highway. The key to this vehicle as any vehicle is to be maintained properly. If you take car of it, it will take care of you and you will absolutely love driving it.

2006 MB C280 4Matic

2006 Mercedes-Benz C280 Willie Wonka - Hamilton, OH 08/25/2011

Absolutely an excellent car. Very responsive to acceleration and steering input. Comfortably seats 4/5 and yet fits easily in the garage. Lots of gadgets. Sadly no bluetooth connection capability.

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