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Used 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 for Sale

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Reviews for 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5(10 reviews)

great car

The E550 from Mercedes Benz is all that you could ask for in a mid-size performance oriented car. I had a CLS 550 before and loved the engine so sought out an E550 with most of the available options. We have a wonderful MB dealer here and their customer service is unequaled. Cost for service on these cars is certainly higher than most of the Japanese models but less than BMW. The thing that made me choose this model with the driver assist package and distronic cruise control is that these safety features are truly remarkable. Mine has the multi-contour seats which I could have done without. They do give you a nice massage I must admit. I choose to buy the extended warranty from CarMax; they will bring most of the repairs to the MB dealer and at a savings from other warranties like Easy Care or the manufacturers extended warranty. I would certainly recommend it with the following notes: exterior styling is just ok; car takes hi test fuel; milage is not too bad; I get about 19 around town and 25+ on the highway. Starting in 2013 they changes the smaller V6 model E350 with improved milage.

- eyedoc, 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550

2010 Mercedes E550

The E-model make-over for 2010 was a really great update relative to the 2008 E550 I had before this. The 2008 was a really nice car (also from Carmax), but wasn't quite up to my expectations for how a Mercedes E-class should drive. The 2010 E550 takes it to that level. The 2010's significant strides in vehicle stiffness, steering feel and willingness to turn, make the car a much sportier, capable and fun partner for any kind of driving. E550 powertrain is a carry-over from the previous generation, and a very nice powertrain it is. The interior make-over for 2010 is also well done and welcomed, but I personally prefer the exterior lines of the 2008 a little more. The only item still on my improvement wish list is for less road/tire noise on grainy asphalt. The 2010 is a little quieter than the 2008, but its still not as quiet as it should or could be. Other manufacturers do this better. That said, the 2010 E550 is a really great cruiser, daily driver, road trip car, whatever, smoothing the edges off any harshness or abruptness in the driving experience. Even acclerator and brake pedals are calibrated for very smooth application of either. Overall, a much better than average car and one that I love to drive. Can't wait for this summer's road trips!

- E550 Owner, 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550

e550 4matic

I really like the style and comfort it has. With all the highway driving I do I needed a car that makes highway driving easy which the E550 does plus the Dystronic ( automatic cruise-control) and other driver assistance systems turn a 4 hour drive into a pleasure regardless of traffic. On the highway at 70mph I get a fuel economy of 26 mpg even with all that power it still is pretty go on the highways. A very sensible car for the mature. I like it more and more everyday still after 2 months.

- german car driver, 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550

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