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(47 Reviews)

Great car for the $$

2006 Nissan 350Z Marion - Atlanta, Ga 09/30/2010

This is a great car if you want to save some money, but still want the performance. If you want a quick car that produces over 300hp, then the Z is the route to go. Infiniti and Nissan are the same company, so you would be getting the same car if you get an Infiniti, just paying more for the badge. If you can get a top end Nissan for a base line Ininiti i would jump on it. You would be getting a nice sporty and luxury car. I have the Grand Touring model and I love it. A few upgrades I would do would be a new K&N drop in filter to improve air flow and a set of LED bulbs for the license plate lights. Cons: Interior door panels close to the handle is very very thin film cover and can be skinned off by an accidental swipe of a ring, fingernail, etc.; No Aux jack in older than 2007 models; road noise is noticeable, but my other car was a lot louder. So i guess i got use to it.; This is a sports car, so you feel EVERYTHING on the road.; If you are a large person or tall, you may find getting out and in difficult or tricky when someone parks too close.; MPG floats around 20-21mpg realistically. Pros: 300hp; Responsive steering and throttle; roomy trunk for a 2 seater; Looks great; wider tires in the rear are standard = improved grip = better handling; very quick car; great highway millage close to 24mpg; awesome bang for the buck

Know the truth....don't buy a Mustang

2006 Nissan 350Z Smoke N Gunz - Houston, TX 03/14/2009

I am a proud owner of a 2004 350z enthusiast coupe. There is no difference in 2004-2006 models mechanically. I have to say out of any sports car I have ever driven, this one gets me the most looks, compliments, and pleasure while driving. Besides making the absolute best engine sound in the world, from an engine that won best engine by JD Power and associates in 2004, I can not get over the upgrades available for it. It is expensive to upgrade when talking about turbo, but as of right now, I can not help but laugh at a new Mustang GT when I take it on the freeway....and I paid $10,000 less for my car than the mustang!!! LOL. Take pricing into the account, and the comfort issue goes away. I am 6'6". I fit in this car!!! If you have issues fitting, then....umm, buy a F350, not a Nissan 350. Absolutely, without a doubt, the best car for the money. Got mine with 21,000 miles on it when I bought it. When I saw the salesman's 2004, with 140,000 miles on it, still running strong, I was sold on it. Buy one, slap an intake on it, slap a good exhaust, for combined....$350 on ebay, and laugh at those new mustangs as they fade in your mirrors. Don't debate between the two. This car is better. Period. The only thing the mustang GT has over this car is two seats, and two cylinders. So, it weighs more, and has 13 more horses? LOL. As I said...intake....and you are there. Highway, my car also hits 33 MPG, also having 315 horses. WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU!!!!!! P.S. Just drove the 370Z, and wound up turning down a $28,000 deal on a sport coupe because I just liked the 350z more. The comfort is a REAL issue in the 370z, although it does look awesome ;)

Top Performance and Style for Less

2006 Nissan 350Z Aldo - Charlotte, NC 01/07/2011

Performance - this is a true high performance sports car. 300hp with incredible handling. The steering is very responsive, and the grip of the tires make every corner a truely thrilling experience. Style - the 350z has a classic roadster style with smooth lines and agressive bulging sports car wheel wells. The brush metal door handles are a great styling touch. The interior is very understated and really enhances its feel of a sports/race car. Overall, this is a great car for your dollar. It compares very favorably with other sports cars in its class (Porsche Boxter, Audi TT, BMW M) and at a much cheaper price. Intangibles - the throaty engine sound of the Z will surely turn heads!

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2006 Nissan 350Z Touring Specifications

287 horsepower@6200rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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