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Customer Review Summary for 2007 Nissan 350Z

(25 Reviews)


2007 Nissan 350Z Ray - California 12/08/2012

This is a great car, it's agile, fast, and a lot of fun to drive, I'd recommend it to anybody that's interested in getting a sports car.

Fun car with great reliability ratings

2007 Nissan 350Z DGDUNC - Chapel Hill, NC 06/04/2010

I bought a 2007 black convertible 6spd manual grand touring a couple of months ago and love it! I have also driven a 2005 350Z (also convertible, also manual) with some regularity, and despite the increase from 287 to 306 HP can't honestly say the 2007 feels much different; acceleration is brisk and very responsive, shifting is smooth, handling is great, and both provide braking capacity that exceeds what anyone needs for around town. The 07 grand touring adds brembo brakes, shiny 5 spoke rims (less weight), and slightly larger rear tires--advantages,yes, but ones that you will almost certainly not be able to use to their potential in everyday driving. Also of note, the 2007 has less max torque, but more torque is available at a wider range of RPMs (I believe I read somewhere that 90% of torque is available from 2000rpms), so don't worry that you are losing out in low-end power with these newer models. For storage, there is no glove box, but there are many convenient storage compartments (two small ones behind the seats for registration/papers, one in the dash that works nicely for sun glasses, a large compartment behind the passenger seat, and a couple small compartments inbetween the seats). The trunk is shallow and smaller than one would imagine by looking at the rear of the vehicle (a rear stabilizing bar and spare tire take up the rest of the back end), but you don't buy this car for the cargo capacity! I average 21-22mpg with mostly town and some highway driving. The closest competition for the 350Z (as determined by price and vehicle type, but also very good reliability ratings from consumer reports) to me was the honda S2000, and for me the 350z is in a whole different class of sports car. Yes the S2000 handles well, but you've really got to rev the engine up to 5-6000rpms to feel any real power. With the 350Z, there is ample power starting at 3000rpms and the fun just gets better from there! This gives a real feeling of connection between driver and machine, as opposed to the lag in low- and mid-range driving with the S2000--the 350Z is so much more responsive, and for me that's the whole point of a sports car! So for almost identical fuel economy (both require premium fuel), I'll take the extra power. From a cosmetic standpoint, just look at pics. I honestly think that the coupe looks better than the convertible with it's top up, because the lines seem more natural in the coupe. In order to make room for convertible top storage, the back end of the convertible top seems to sort of abruptly drop, instead of smoothly extending to the rear of the vehicle as in the coupe. That said, the top down look is, I think, absolutely stunning, and it's hard to argue with the wind in one's hair when the weather is nice!

2007 Nissan 350Z - 12/02/2007

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