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Used 2009 Nissan Sentra S for Sale

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Reviews for 2009 Nissan Sentra

Overall Rating

4.5 out of 5(24 reviews)

Nissan Sentra 2009

Like mostly everything about the car. There are however, two things that I do not like. The arm rest is in a terrible place - way too far back to even use it and too low. Makes no sense why they put it there. And the car has a mildewy smell all the time in the vents - they did change the cabin filter and deoderized it - but that only worked for a week - same smell is back. Otherwise - it's a good car.

- ela, 2009 Nissan Sentra

A Seriously Under-rated Car

I never found a lot of publicity on this car, nor have I seen many of them on the road, but I'm here to tell you that the recent crop of Nissan Sentra's are really worth a look. This Sentra isnt that puny little ugly vehicle it was in the past. It looks amazing and is around the same size as my old '99 Altima, so Nissan has increased the size of it. It's also deceptively roomy. Im 6'0" and I can almost stretch my legs out in full in the front seats! I have the SL version, so the interior might look a bit different on the other models. The dashboard and front control panel with the radio and temp controls is futuristic looking with large displays, knobs, and buttons so its pretty easy to control and monitor. Everything in the front also emits a really neat warm orange glow. Although it is a 4 cylinder engine, the car has some kick to it as you accelerate, instantly making it more fun to drive than my old Altima, which just had no take-off power. I dont have to worry about too many people hanging on my bumper for blocks anymore....well, sort of (nothing's more aggravating than people that drive on your bumper, seriously WTF?). Anyways, lets see...there is a lot more trunk space than there looks from the outside of the vehicle. It goes in pretty deep. The gas mileage is better than the average car in the Sentra's class, I believe. 26 city/34 hwy is pretty decent. I dont fill it up as often as the old Altima. Speaking of which, I suspect that the recent years of Sentra's are meant to replace the Altima's in the mid-size car class, as I noticed Nissan is really trying to push the Altima up in the world, so if you owned an old Altima like me, you will feel right at home in a 2009 Sentra. The turn radius on the car is tight, and I feel like I have a lot better control over the vehicle stability than I did with my old car. So the bottom line is, if you need a good solid well performing mid-size car, and especially if you are a Nissan fan, the 2009 Sentra is the way to go. These new Sentras are leagues better than the old ones, and very modern looking. Honestly, I really dont have any complaints with the car. It's far superior to my old car in every possible way. If the prices of the new Altima's are bringing you down, the Sentra is in no way an inferior choice.

- iironage, 2009 Nissan Sentra


We love our new Nissan Sentra. Recently we took a drive to Ocean City, Maryland in our new car and it was a joy to drive. We filled the gas tank up before leaving and did not fill it again until we arrived back home, 300 miles later. We like the Blue-tooth feature so we didn't have to use one hand to hold a phone while driving. This is not only a feature but it is a safety feature. We also like having the radio controls on the steering wheel, once again a safety feature.

- RavenManiac, 2009 Nissan Sentra

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