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Reviews for Pontiac Crossovers

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4.5 out of 5(194 reviews)

vibe review

I think the 2009 Vibe is a stylish sporty car excellent on gas milage and performance. My only criticism of the car is the tires. I think they should be slightly larger to balance the body of the car and possibly give it better traction so it isn't sliding in bad weather and at times on dry road!

- tee, 2009 Pontiac Vibe

My Vibe

This is my second Pontiac Vibe. I bought a 2003 when they first came out and really loved it, enough to buy a second one. This is a great little car and very versatile. But, I had a "dream car" on my mind after seven years of owning my Vibe. I wanted a Honda CRV in glacier blue and bought a 2010. Unfortunately I could not be comfortable in that car. I only kept it for six weeks. The seats were miserably uncomfortable, and nothing I did with pillows or cushions helped, and, the car overall was too big for me. I'm petite and the Vibe is just the right size for me. I ended up selling the Honda and taking a big loss on it. Now I'm back into a Vibe and very happy with it. The Vibe does seem to have several blind spots which I don't like but have adjusted to. I've always thought, even with my 2003 Vibe, that Pontiac could have put better shock absorbers on these Vibes. The Vibe is also very good in snow. Mine has front wheel drive and I've never had any problem driving in snow with it. Getting back into a Vibe was like "coming home" after my experience with the Honda. I knew immediately it was where I belonged. So much for "dream cars".

- yankeepetsitter, 2009 Pontiac Vibe

Perfect all-around car

This car seems to be the little-known secret to what everyone wants these days: high gas mileage, lots of room (person and cargo), good reliability, a lower price tag, and it is domestic. It is a great alternative to the gas-guzzling SUV that has an engine more powerful and a body unnecessary for what most people really need, yet it provides all the other features that make SUVs so appealing. My wife and I recently moved to the country and have to drive 10 miles of gravel roads to go anywhere, and occasionally on dirt roads. We really needed a vehicle that is a little larger for stability and we needed all wheel drive (a harder to find, but available option) to tackle bad weather. The Vibe is one of a slim group of cars that has those features and a smaller, more efficient engine. It has not let us down. It has a smooth and slip-free (when accelerating) drive through the unpaved country. We also are starting a family and needed the room for future kids (and all their stuff). The Vibe has plenty of it. The back seat is very comfortable, even for adults. Living in the country, we also haul a lot of groceries, shopping bags, recycling, and building materials (for my amateur woodworking), and always have plenty of room. The back seats and front passenger seat fold down completely flat for a very large cargo area. The spare tire is well-hidden below the cargo area with plenty of extra easily accessible places to put emergency items like fluids, jumper cables, flags, etc. There are also two small storage compartments in the back that are very handy. One of the downsides of the car is that the visibility out the back window is not great. However, that is going to be the reality with any wagon or SUV. For its type of vehicle, it is rather manageable. The rear glass wiper comes in VERY handy, especially when driving dusty country roads. As I mentioned earlier, the Vibe has some trade-offs. It has phenomenal gas mileage for a car of its size and style. We average around 29-30 mpg, though mileage should be a few mpg better for the non-AWD models. In order to attain this MPG, the Vibe has a small (relative to similar cars) 4 cylinder engine. While that is certainly more than enough for most use when you are moving and driving on country roads, it is noticeable when you need to accelerate fast. It is a small engine trying to move a big car. When it is already moving and not changing speed much, you don't notice it at all. However, you notice it when you need to accelerate fast (when entering a highway or passing on the highway). It is the price you have to pay for much better gas mileage. It was a trade-off we were willing to make. We have a lower-mileage car and haven't had it all that long, so we can't speak much to reliability. However, in the time we have had it, we've had no problems, and reviews online seem very favorable. The Vibe is unique in that it is co-produced with Toyota. Pontiac and Toyota collaborated in its design and production at a plant in California. Pontiac brands it the Vibe and Toyota brands it the Matrix. Although essentially the same car under the hood, the Vibe appears more reasonably priced than the Matrix. So the Vibe scores the same reliability and manufacturing reputation as is commonly assigned to Toyota, but is produced by Pontiac. Living out in the country where most every car people own and service is domestic, we feel confident that we can have it taken care of quite well. The Vibe has some lesser-important features that are both helpful and annoying. For example, it has a built-in power converter so you can plug most 2-pronged household items directly in to the car when it is running. There is plenty of storage and cup space around the front of the vehicle, but no really good place for glasses or sunglasses. The Vibe also has daytime running lights and automatic lights at night that you cannot turn off in any circumstances (like at a drive in movie or viewing a Christmas light-lit park). However, this seems to be standard on a lot of cars now. It feels like the driver sits up a little higher than most sedans, but not as much as most SUVs or vans. My wife likes the height, whereas I don't. The instrument panel is very nice with all the standard, plus a tachometer. While it looks nice, it is possible for the steering wheel to block some of the gauges depending on how you adjust it. The steering wheel also feels a little farther away from the driver than in other cars we have had (a Toyota and a Pontiac). Lastly, the mileage will not show up unless the car is on because it is a digital display. It is possible to hook up a tow bar with the Vibe, but it isn't really designed to tow much with such a small engine. It would be a lot like towing something behind a Toyota Corolla or Camry. Living in a state where ethanol is subsidized and the price cheaper than regular gas, we typically run our car on E10 (10% ethanol) and have no problems or really any significant dip in our gas mileage that we can tell. In summary, we love our Vibe. It meets all the needs we have very well, without being overkill. It really seems to be a little-known secret in the auto world, as it has many of the features of an SUV, but also the efficiency and reliability many people are seeking in a car these days.

- Country Dweller, 2005 Pontiac Vibe

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