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(18 Reviews)

Im 100% happy with my G5!!!!

2007 Pontiac G5 Pontiac Believer - South Carolina 03/28/2011

I bought my 2007 pontiac G5 about 2 months ago and I absolutely love it! At first i was a little skeptical about buying a pontiac but im a believer now. the ride is smooth, the G5 is extra sporty to be priced as it is and the Fuel Economy is top notch!!! i would highly recommend the G5 to anyone wanting to save $$$ on fuel costs and not suffer on style or size.

Pontiac G5

2009 Pontiac G5 kiwi claire - Orlando, Fl 01/25/2011

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my car. It is comfortable and sporty and has GREAT gass mileage. I enjoy taking it on long drives, I do not ache afterwards like I did in my former SUV....the price was good and I have to say I believe it is the best car for the best price I have ever had. My young daughter enjoys the car also and has no problems getting in and out of the back, it is a 2 door vehicle. LOVE it...

2009 Pontiac G5 GT

2009 Pontiac G5 Blondie9597 - Four Oaks, NC 12/22/2010

I just recently purchased the 09 g5 GT about 2 months ago. I bought it because I was looking for something cute, decent priced, and good on gas. This is my first "real" car being bought so i wanted to make sure it was what i wanted. As for overall the car is nice, quiet and has the sporty look I was going for. I thought the gas mileage would be better then what it is, I was expecting somewhere around 31mpg highway but i only get around 28ish... the automactic read out in the car states i get 28 close to 29 highway when i'm driving on the highway alot but i know i dont get that much bc i will watch my needle drop fast. The pickup it has isnt as much as i had expected either. its a decent pickup but no nascar start off. I love the car overall though, every car is going to have its flaws but for the price and the look of what i need it works well. I wouldnt trade it. The interior is perfect too! People warned me about the truck space before i got the car but i'm young and dont really need alot of trunk room but i did cant put anything too big in bc it wont fit in the trunk opening. I think its a perfect car for a young driver like myself or someone older or without any kids. I did add a tint to the car after purchasing so the windows arent normally that dark.

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