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Customer Review Summary for Scion tC

(161 Reviews)

Enjoyed This Car

2007 Scion tC Dave - atlanta, ga 04/25/2012

I had a 2007 model and I really enjoyed the car. It was a very safe care. I was in an accident on a highway that spun me around in 4 lanes of traffic and then i hit a wall only to get t boned after hitting the wall. Airbags deployed and the car was totalled, but i got out of the car with a scratch on my thumb and did not even need to go to the hospital. the seats were very comfortable and the ride seemed smoothed. The acceleration was what i expected from a car with the horsepower it had. Loved the outside look of the car. Only thing i did not like was the blind spots were large and the trunk has no way to open from the inside or key on the back. You have to lift the handle up and after 5 years it broke. Evidently it is a common problem. Otherwise i enjoyed my time in the scion and would recommend it.

Safe, fast, fun car!

2006 Scion tC Ozzette - Fayetteville, NC 11/07/2009

My husband and I bought this car about a year ago. We loved it! It drove smooth (hit over 80 mph w/o noticing). Clutch was easy for him to learn. It was perfect! Seemed small from the outside but we could fit all of our camping gear (car camping) plus our two dogs (one small one medium) in there easily! Very comfortable on long trips. We made frequent trips NC to VA. There wasn't anything to dislike about this car! A few months ago, my husband fell asleep and rolled the car 3+ times and spun 180 degrees. He was traveling with our small dog. The sun roof saved our dogs life (when it was upside down, the dog fell to the roof and since the sun roof shattered, when it continued to flip, it left the shattered glass and dog behind). It has 8 airbags in the front (if my memory serves me correctly). 5 deployed creating a curtain that surrounded my husband. He walked away from the accident with a broken bone in his hand and two staples in his head. Dog was fine too. Safest car I have ever been in. Highly recommend to anyone that is search of a sporty car. (Esp. teenagers!)

Sport coupe? Not quite...

2007 Scion tC Dan - Ohio 02/02/2007

This car is claimed to be a sport coupe, but it really doesn't perform like one. The supension is too soft, and there's way too much body roll (probably caused by a combination of the soft suspension, and a lot of weight in the roof for the steel frame holding the glass roof in place) The clutch is THE worst I've ever used, and I've only ever owned cars with manual transmissions. You never know when it's going to reach the biting-point, it's pretty much impossible to get a good smooth pull-away every time. It makes the driver look like a beginner, no matter how long they've been driving manuals. It also seems to be hugely affected by cold weather - I heard it's a hydraulic clutch instead of the usual cable-clutch, so this may be part of the problem (the hydraulic fluid changing viscosity with temperature). The car has enough power for the price, but it's annoying that it only revs to 6500rpm (the redline is actually 6250rpm). It cuts off just before I would usually want to make my up-shift. Overall, I feel like I'm driving a camry, dressed up as a sport coupe. If you want an old-man car, that LOOKS sporty, this would be a good choice. If you think it's a good alternative to a civic Si or a mazda 3, it's definitely not. Both these other cars are much lighter than this car, and don't ruin their car with stupid gimmicks like the full-glass roof. The one good thing I have to say, is it comes with some of the nicest standard wheels currently available. Overall the car looks generally nice too, the paint is nice and has kept a good shine for 7 months since I bought it. The optional TYC tail lights are nice too, the standard ones are extremely dull and really make the car look much more like the economy 2-door that it is. The TYC tail lights help to hide this fact. The short throw shifter option does shorten the throw a lot, but the standard shifter has such LONG throws, that the short-throw really just reduces the throws down to something that would be considered "standard" in most other cars (at-least ones that I've owned). Too much of this car is "good for the price", and not genuinely "good". I will be trading as soon as possible. I wish I'd never been drawn in by this car's fake-sport-coupe looks.

Scion tC Overview

The Scion tC is a two-door coupe with a surprisingly sporty performance. As a car that blends both style and practicality, the tC has few rivals on the road. With a variety of customization opportunities, sharp looks, and a coupe body style, the tC appeals especially to used car buyers seeking a stylish exterior look and interior cabin.

Scion tC History

The first-generation Scion tC was introduced in 2005. The coupe received a redesign in 2011 and has remained relatively unchanged ever since. Launched in 2005, the Scion tC has a sleek appearance and a cockpit-like instrument panel. The second generation Scion tC is more chiseled than the first-generation model, ensuring the tC remains stylish and feature-rich.

How It Drives

Ride quality has improved a lot in the second edition, but the vehicle may still feel a little snug. Performance is not stellar, but is reasonable. The fuel efficiency and style are the Scion tC's more redeeming traits. Any used car buyer seeking a commuter car should consider the tC.

Used Scion tC Value

The Scion tC is a stylish and practical vehicle with a cool look, coupe body style, and a variety of customization options to make it more accessible to used car buyers looking for specific vehicle features. The Scion tC has few rivals in this space, but the Honda Civic's coupe version satisfies a similar niche.

Scion tC Standard Features

Scion tC models come standard with 2.4L four-cylinder engines, with second generation tC models equipped with more powerful four-cylinder engines now. They were tied to either six-speed manual transmission or automatic transmissions. Standard features include a sunroof and modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity and in-car navigation.

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