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Customer Review Summary for Scion tC

(161 Reviews)

It LOOKS nice... shame it doesn't perform the same

2007 Scion tC Wish it handled well - WA 04/20/2007

I'm not sure what these other reviewers were previously driving, when they talk about the tC having "good handling"... (maybe they were driving SUVs and minivans before?) but, it really doesn't handle well at all. It's probably similar to a large sedan, not a sport coupe. Other problems - the glass roof is totally pointless. It's not even transparent right across, there's a slightly larger than average front sunroof (which doesn't open as far as you'd expect), followed by a chunk of roof panel blocking the middle part, and then a small transparent section over the rear seats, which doesn't even open! (as mentioned by another reviewer, it adds too much weight to the top of the car, contributing to the body roll) Also, the tires aren't very grippy, and this combined with the body roll really doesn't give you much confidence in harder turns. I can feel the car losing it's grip even on perfectly dry roads, but on wet roads I feel like I have to drive like it's ice on the ground. The engine is extremely boring - yes, it has a little power, and the 0-60 time is not bad (mid 7seconds) but it's no fun getting there. It feels like the engine really does belong in the camry that they borrowed it from. This car needs to rev higher, and definitely needs the engine/exhaust note tuned a little better so it doesn't sound like it's struggling and whining at all times. The car could also use a 6th gear as it revs too hight at highway speeds in 5th. It's a shame, because from the outside, this looks like a really nice car that should perform a hundred times better than it does. Nice paint, nice wheels, the front fascia/lights look pretty cool. Oh well. Another tC will soon be on a used car lot so some 17 year old in a baseball cap can buy it, put some 19 inch black wheels on it and flame stickers down the side, and then crash it (making use of the side airbags I paid extra for). They don't care about real handling anyway

Love this car!

2006 Scion tC TcGirl - Houston, TX 05/08/2010

This is the best car I've ever owned. It's deceptively small on the outside, but I've been able to fit 2 adults, 3 dogs (2 medium, 1 large) and 2 cats in carriers in it at the same time! It holds TONS and the back seats fold down easily for more storage. It's the convenience of a wagon but with a much more appealing exterior. Add to that the fact that it's an affordable Toyota with good gas mileage and what else could you ask for!? I've had mine for 4 years now and have had no manufacturer defects or issues. I often contemplate getting another car, but I really don't need it. This one has everything I could ever hope for. You won't be disappointed.

Great experience

2011 Scion tC Dragonfly - Charlotte,NC 06/24/2012

This is the third car that I have purchased from Carmax and as with the previous two I am very happy with my 2011 Scion Tc. The car is sporty stylish has a lot of zip for a 4 cylinder engine and gets great gas mileage not to mention it uses regular unleaded.

Scion tC Overview

The Scion tC is a two-door coupe with a surprisingly sporty performance. As a car that blends both style and practicality, the tC has few rivals on the road. With a variety of customization opportunities, sharp looks, and a coupe body style, the tC appeals especially to used car buyers seeking a stylish exterior look and interior cabin.

Scion tC History

The first-generation Scion tC was introduced in 2005. The coupe received a redesign in 2011 and has remained relatively unchanged ever since. Launched in 2005, the Scion tC has a sleek appearance and a cockpit-like instrument panel. The second generation Scion tC is more chiseled than the first-generation model, ensuring the tC remains stylish and feature-rich.

How It Drives

Ride quality has improved a lot in the second edition, but the vehicle may still feel a little snug. Performance is not stellar, but is reasonable. The fuel efficiency and style are the Scion tC's more redeeming traits. Any used car buyer seeking a commuter car should consider the tC.

Used Scion tC Value

The Scion tC is a stylish and practical vehicle with a cool look, coupe body style, and a variety of customization options to make it more accessible to used car buyers looking for specific vehicle features. The Scion tC has few rivals in this space, but the Honda Civic's coupe version satisfies a similar niche.

Scion tC Standard Features

Scion tC models come standard with 2.4L four-cylinder engines, with second generation tC models equipped with more powerful four-cylinder engines now. They were tied to either six-speed manual transmission or automatic transmissions. Standard features include a sunroof and modern features such as Bluetooth connectivity and in-car navigation.

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