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2009 Scion xB Base Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 2.4L
Horsepower 158 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City 22
MPG Highway 28

Customer Review Summary for 2009 Scion xB

(16 Reviews)

Wonderful small family vehicle

2009 Scion xB Sarah Smitley - Newak, OH 07/14/2015

Very nice an roomy for small families!! Back seat is roomy for kids an its a very reliable vehicle

xB for Mobile Spa

2009 Scion xB Dallas - Alvin, TX 09/27/2010

I'd been driving a '99 Chevy S10, was due for a change and needed something appropriate for carrying a massage table and other items associated with massage and facials. The truck was passable in nice weather, but not the image I wanted to project pulling up into a driveway. I got the black xB, had the windows tinted more, installed black wheels and removed some my 41 y.o. opinion, it's quite sharp looking! I knew that black would be a nightmare to keep clean vs. the white truck, and it is, but so far it's worth it. It's definately roomy enough for my business needs and comfortable enough for personal needs. I gave it 4 stars for comfort because, let's face it, it's not a high end luxury car...but it is comfortable. The arm rests and window ledge heights are different from the S10, so it's taken me a little while to get used to what to do with my arms when driving, but it's coming together nicely. I drove from Houston to Dallas about a month after I got it, and it was a very pleasant road trip break in for me. I got about 31mpg highway on that trip and am averaging 24ish with mixed driving. My truck was a four cylinder manual transmission, and lacked any amount of get up and go, so the xB seems to me to be quite peppy! From a stop and especially passing, it gets to the speed I'm wanting to go plenty fast enough for's not a race car, but it's pretty quick and surprisingly agile. The automatic tranny has been something to get used to because I've been driving manual for the last 20 years, but that's on me. I don't care for the stereo adjusting volume according to speed, and maybe there's a setting I can change to stop that, but it's not been important enough to follow up on as of yet. I've not found settings for the stereo that I can be happy with for both city and highway driving...the low end seems to completely disappear as the volume goes up. I will likely add a powered sub at some point; I don't need much, but I do like a cleaner, tighter bass response than what the factory setup is easily gets muddy at low volumes and disappears at higher volumes. I like the head unit and don't want to change the factory look of the stereo installation, but augmenting a little here and there may be necessary for me.

great car

2009 Scion xB new scion fan - alhambra, ca 02/13/2010

im 6'1' tall and needed a roomier car instead of my little corolla. I'm glad i got this car rather than a honda element. Would've been a big regret. This car is quiet, smooth, roomy for all passengers. If you need space for a bike or a lot of cargo, you can fold down the rear seats. Unlike the element this car has space for 5 passengers, not 4 like the element. This car sets up apart from the rest of the crowd, and that's good. The sound system is amazing. I'd probably change the stereo to a more fancier one though, just personal preference. I got the automatic transmission, so i can't say how the manual one drives. plenty of cupholders in the middle, on the side doors, and the rear seats. Plenty of storage everywhere for cds, and small accesories. the dashboard display is in the middle, not behind the steering wheel. Very easy to get used to. It also tells you how much you average per gallon of fuel. which is about 22 for me highway and city combined. The rear trunk opens up so you can just sit and just chill or lie down. Nice turning radius as well, drives well. The transmission has this feature which acts like a manual transmission. Has come in handy when i don't want to use the brakes and rather use downshifting. The car is a bit low, so just watch out for dips and parking spaces that have a curb right in front of it. Overall, great car. It's a toyota, so you get reliability. Have had no problems whatsoever. The price is great also for such a recent year model. Has a lot of standard features that would be considered options in other cars. Great car period.

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