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Used 2013 Scion xB in Miami, FL for Sale

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Reviews for 2013 Scion xB

Overall Rating

4.6 out of 5(7 reviews)

Best car I ever bought!

This is my second Scion xb! Love this car the handling is excellent drives like a lil sport car.

- lisa twigg, 2013 Scion xB

I love this car...

The styling of the xB lends itself to a love it or hate it opinion, but if you love it, but it. I've wanted an xB for ten years--since the first generation--and while the current body style, changed slightly over the last few years, took awhile to grow on me, I love this car. It's comfortable, affordable, safe, and FUN. It is on the younger side, which for me is fine--I'm kicking and screaming into "adulthood," but it's also ridiculously practical. It can actually hold four adults, you can actually take load it up with camping gear or drywall, and you can pull out on the highway without the fear of being rear ended. Which brings me to one fallible aspect. The 2.4L engine is more than adequate in traffic--and it's a proven, reliable, simple engine--but it's mated to an antiquated transmission and so it does do a little too much shifting and it doesn't get the best gas mileage, certainly nothing like the 1st gen. That said, I get about 23-25 in the city and well over 30 on the highway and the change-off for power is acceptable to me. Great car.

- thewaveof77, 2013 Scion xB

Proud xB owner with a few suggestions

I just purchased this car in July. Overall, I really do love it. The design, comfort behind the wheel and spaciousness are all major pluses. Minuses would include city mileage, which is at or just below the estimate mileage. I have used the AC a lot, so we'll see if it gets better in winter. The highway mileage is actually MUCH better than the 28 - 30 suggested. I recently got 34 mpg on an all-highway trip. Tip - use a light foot. I wish the vehicle were a bit less plastic, but I realize that to improve mileage it needs to be lighter. This just slightly cheapens the overall feel of the car. The front and rear are extremely flexible and rubbery. Feels like a toy sometimes. The engine has GREAT pick up. Around 1000 miles on the odometer it woke up and surprised me with a very sharp improvement in both mileage and pick up. Excellent for a 4 cylinder car. I love the headlights, both low and high and the vertical white running lights are really sexy. Braking is fine. I'm a careful braker, but am already hearing brake mechanism noise at only 2000 miles. The Midnight Blue Color is absolutely beautiful, especially at night, but boy does it show water spots and dust QUICK. That's ok - just makes me wash it more often. The interior is mostly plastic and gets marked VERY Easily. A small rub to the door and you have a streak of scratch that you'll have to live with for a long time. Be gentle with your xB or I think it'll show wear pretty fast. I love the odometer/speedometer readouts and location. I wasn't sure about the mid-dash placement, but I love it. The thermometer for external temp is a joke......usually 5 to 10 degrees off. gets better with driving, but still only an approximation. Yeah, it's not that necessary but come-on guys are design geniuses.... I do wish the wipers had multiple settings in the intermittent phase. It's a little irritating to have to keep attending to that manually when the rain is only spritzing, but for the price of the car, who am I to complain. The radio (the touch screen version) is great and the speakers sound fantastic. I plan to add a rear spoiler, foglights and muflaps, as well as chrome door handles in the coming days. Very cute car. Reliable so far. I really look forward to getting in it each time I drive.

- Sailor, 2013 Scion xB

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