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One of the best handling cars on the road today

2014 Subaru BRZ Eric Hancock - Colorado Springs, CO 06/24/2015

One of the best handling cars on the market. Very lightweight, excellent weight distribution front to rear, rear-wheel drive, and extremely low center of gravity (one of the lowest of any mass produced car in the world!). The BRZ is just a great driving, fun car to own. Some have stated it should be faster, should have a turbo blah blah blah. Whatever. That's not the point of this great handling car. Accelerates just fine, downshift if you want more pop. :) Great car!

5 out of 5!!!

2014 Subaru BRZ TJ Stephens - Ogden, UT 08/14/2015

Great car to drive on the track, and as a daily driver!

I smile every time I drive it

2014 Subaru BRZ B W - Aurora, IL 11/17/2015

A blast to drive, holds two people and enough luggage for a week long trip.

Subaru BRZ Overview

The Subaru BRZ is a two-door coupe sports car with production dating back to January 2012. Interestingly enough, the vehicle was developed jointly by both Toyota and Subaru, so it has actually been marketed under a few different names, including the Toyota 86 and even the Scion FR-S for a brief period prior to 2016. For those looking for a sporty vehicle with an incredible driving experience, great features, and surprising fuel economy for its power, then this might be the vehicle for you.

Subaru BRZ History

The Subaru BRZ has an interesting shared history as one of just a handful of vehicles that has been jointly designed and developed by more than one manufacturer. Specifically, the Subaru BRZ has been marketed under four different names, although the BRZ is by far the most widely recognized in the United States and Canada. In recent years (2016 and 2017), the BRZ has undergone a few changes worth noting, such as:

  • An updated infotainment system (touch screen)
  • Rearview camera standard on all trims
  • Recently released limited edition version (HyperBlue)
  • The vehicle itself is available in just two main trim levels: the Premium and Limited.

However, as mentioned above, the 2016 release also saw a HyperBlue trim, of which only 500 vehicles were made. This featured a light blue paint color, sleeker styling, black wheels, and a few other upgrades.

How It Drives

With the Subaru BRZ, you'll definitely enjoy amazing handling and steering, especially around tighter curves and turns. The driving experience in the Subaru BRZ is enjoyable, with consistent and steady braking, a manual transmission option, and a smooth ride. However, some drivers have noted that there is a fair amount of road noise that makes its way into the cabin, though this is not uncommon with sports cars where there isn't necessarily room for a robust suspension.

Used Subaru BRZ Value

In terms of value, the Subaru BRZ holds up very well to its competition. With an MSRP starting at just over $26,000 for a new BRZ, this is actually one of the more reasonably priced sports cars on the market. It is significantly more affordable than many of its main competitors, the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang. It also receives higher safety ratings, and there is no denying that Subarus are known to be on-the-road for many years without the need for substantial repairs or maintenance. These vehicles also tend to hold their value well, though being a foreign car, you may have a harder time coming by replacement parts than you would with a Camaro or Mustang.

Design & Performance

The Subaru BRZ was specifically designed with a low center of gravity to ensure great handling and performance, and drivers enjoy its sleek and aerodynamic design. Additional performance and design features worth noting include:

  • Rev-matched downshifts
  • Zero-to-60 mph acceleration in under seven seconds
  • EPA-estimated 25 mpg average (manual) and 28 mpg (automatic)
  • Excellent front and rear weight balance

Powertrain & Engine

The Subaru BRZ comes standard with a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine at 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, the Subaru BRZ is available in both a six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission. Those who place a heavy importance on fuel economy will likely want to select the automatic transmission, which will yield a significant improvement. However, for a true sports-car lover's driving experience, the manual transmission is the way to go. Acceleration is pretty impressive in this vehicle, with the manual transmission able to reach 60 mph in less than seven seconds (eight seconds for the automatic), which is pretty comparable to its competitor, the MX-5 Miata.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

This coupe-style vehicle is not a family car; it has room for just two adults. There is a back seat, although realistically there isn't much room for passengers there. Still, it does seem to have a surprising amount of leg and head room in the front, with a variety of great interior features, such as:

  • Supportive seating for longer trips
  • Excellent views thanks to a low-profile hood
  • Standard navigation
  • Bluetooth phone and auto connections
    • As far as trunk space goes, drivers have just under seven cubic feet to work with. However, it is worth noting that the rear seats can be folded down to add a significant amount of storage space. You probably still wouldn't want to load up your luggage and take this car on a long road trip, but it will fit the bill for the average daily commuter.

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