Used 2006 Toyota Corolla For Sale

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Customer Review Summary for 2006 Toyota Corolla

(57 Reviews)

great little car

2006 Toyota Corolla GYM - North carolina 01/24/2007

I'm 6-2 and get in and out of this car quite well. The front seats extend back well. Gas MPG is awesome, i enjoy passing the gas pump:)

Lots of room

2006 Toyota Corolla Les - Fox Lake IL 11/20/2006

I find the car very easy to handle. Holds the road well, Lot of room. My son is 6'2" and I am 4'11", he acually enjoyed driving this car. I travel at times and the trunk is very large to hold all our things. I love the drivers seat adjustment, makes my comfort level a 5. Couple of things I would change, a light over the dash, the seat belt clasps in the back have a tendency to fall into the seat. Making it impossible to use the belts. Also keyless entry would be much more convienant. But I have recommened to my friends.

Toyota Corolla Standard LE

2006 Toyota Corolla Kamii!!! - Binghamton NY 10/07/2008

This was my first car that I bought new. I had previously driven a used '95 Dodge Intrepid and a used '96 standard Honda Civic. The first thing that struck me when I test-drove the Toyota Corolla was the incredible pickup in comparison to the '06 Civic and automatic American models. The gear ratio is great, you can skip gears without even noticing, something I find lacking in alot of lower-priced standard transmissions. The clutch is also very forgiving and easy to get the feel of. The car feels natural very quickly. Throw in the extremely comfortable interior, large front seat, and really really really good factory install speakers, I found myself falling in love instantly. The pickup has declined a bit after 50,000 miles, but the car still has no trouble putting me where I need to be when I need to be there, even in aggressive large-city traffic. My mother's Civic of the same year does not offer the same luxury, and it is still one of the best perks of the Toyota standard transmission. I have not taken this car to a shop except to replace my serpentine belt at 50k miles (it probably would have lasted longer but I got stuck in some nasty mud and it sprayed all over the belt and dried it out) and get a new set of tires for the garbage weather I live in after a year. The sound system continues to blow all my friends cars out of the water (I don't hang out with people that put custom systems in their cars, to be fair. Who would want to?). The bass is pretty tight, no distortion until it's too loud to stand anyways, and relatively crisp tweets compliment it well. 2 treble, 4 bass seems to make any CD I put in the 6-CD changer sound great, jazz to hip-hop to metal. The interior stands up incredibly well to my sloppiness. Everytime I clean the car, it looks like it's new all over again, inside and out. While everyone cries about 4 dollar per gallon gas prices (nowhere near as high as europe, and they aren't crying, you pillocks), I really appreciate the fact that I drive about 30 miles per day, and take trips of about 50-100 on most weekends to visit friends, and still only fill up once every week and a half. It's liberating. All said, I have been converted to Toyota for life. Buy a Corolla and do yourself a favor.

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