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(20 Reviews)

Many features at a good price

2015 Toyota Corolla Jason McIlwaine - jackson, MS 09/18/2015

Great fuel economy, loaded with features at the price point. New body style is a vast improvement over the previous model. Really like the wheel design on the S model.

Great gas mileage and features!

2015 Toyota Corolla Mike B - Winthrop Harbor, IL 07/07/2015

My wife and I had been shopping around for an economical second car for a few months. We rented a car on a trip and had the Corolla. We liked the features that the rental had and started looking at similar models and what features they offered. Only the Corolla had all the features I wanted in the standard package. This car gets great gas mileage, has good safety features, and handles very well. We are both very satisfied with the car.

I love this car

2015 Toyota Corolla Michael Remson - Kenosha, WI 08/28/2015

It is convenient, gives good mileage (32 mpg over all) and is fun to drive. It feels like a much more expensive car. I went looking for a car that would meet my needs and fit my price range; I wound up with a car I love.

2015 Toyota Corolla Overview

The Toyota Corolla is a popular compact car that requires little introduction. After all, it's a worldwide best-seller. It's valued for its competence and value. The 2015 model is a part of a new generation that adds style and features to an already great vehicle. Though it may have somewhat conservative acceleration, the Corollay is top-notch.

2015 Toyota Corolla History

The Toyota Corolla has a storied history. It's been one of the best-selling vehicles worldwide since 1974. Its priorities in providing great value to its customers ensured that it became the best-selling nameplate in the world. As an iconic vehicle, it's no surprise that Toyota has sold over 40 million Corollas as of July 2013.

  • The Toyota Corolla was first introduced in 1966.
  • t has not changed much since the generation's launch in 2012.
  • The 2015 Toyota Corolla is a part of the eleventh generation of the lineup.

How It Drives

The Toyota Corolla's strengths are in its easygoing driving experience and low fuel costs. The Corolla prioritizes interior comforts and a solid suspension over its modest acceleration; performance is not the strength of the Corolla lineup. Drivers will have no problem passing other cars on their highway commutes, but the vehicle is by no means perky. All 2015 Corolla models reduce noise well; the overall ride quality is respectable. If you are worried about rough patches of road, look for a used version of Corolla's highest trim level, the Corolla S. It has the best suspension the lineup has to offer.

Used 2015 Toyota Corolla Value

The 2015 Toyota Corolla is a competent compact sedan. It isn't breaking the mold by any means, but this new generation's vehicles are still engaging and relatively simple for new drivers. The redesigned Corolla doesn't waste resources on too many frills, but it did bring some flair to the lineup - the 2015 vehicle is sharper and stylish.

For what it's worth, the 2015 Corolla brings drivers a lot of value for such a low sticker price. The car is comfortable, quiet, and has a lot of in-car features that commuters will enjoy on their daily drives.

Design & Performance

The 2015 Toyota Corolla is a competent compact sedan. It isn't breaking the mold by any means, but this new generation's vehicles are still engaging and relatively simple for new drivers. The redesigned Corolla doesn't waste resources on too many frills, but it did bring some flair to the lineup - the 2015 vehicle is sharper and stylish.

Powertrain & Engine

The 2015 Toyota Corolla offers two 1.8L four-cylinder engine options. Both are extremely similar - the LE Eco trim level has a four-cylinder with Valvematic, which has variable valve timing for better fuel economy. The L, LE, and S Corolla trim levels do not have Valvematic.

No matter the engine, Toyota has paired each model with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). It ensures that the Corolla feels easy to maneuver; acceleration isn't the best, but it is predictable and fuel efficient. The Corolla S has a sportier suspension and a Sport button that dampens steering.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

As a lineup, the Toyota Corolla was designed with a clear focus on simplicity and value. With the 2015 redesign, Toyota added a bit more style and detail to the minimalist compact car. The base-level Corolla L is well-proportioned and leaves more room for interior space. The wheels have a longer wheelbase and they are a bit farther away from each other - these elements provide a sportier stance at first glance.

For 2015, the Corolla LE and the new Corolla LE Eco have some additional style tweaks. The front-end has a grille that's painted a little differently, with dark gray paint surrounding the grille and fog lamps.

Notably, the sporty Corolla S stands out against the rest of the Corolla lineup. Toyota enhanced the lineup with a few exterior features, including:

  • A blacked-out front grille
  • Fog lamps
  • An integrated rear spoiler with a slightly-raised tail

As far as performance is concerned, there is not a big difference in horsepower between trim levels. All 2015 Corollas are conservative in terms of acceleration, but are quite fuel efficient. Available for all trim levels is a Driver Convenience Package - it includes a moonroof, keyless entry, built-in navigation, and an integrated app suite.

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2015 Toyota Corolla LE Specifications

132 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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