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Used 2008 Toyota Matrix For Sale

(9 Reviews)
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2008 Toyota Matrix XR Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 1.8L
Horsepower 126 horsepower@6000rpm
MPG City 25
MPG Highway 31

Customer Review Summary for 2008 Toyota Matrix

(9 Reviews)

2008 Toyota Matrix Xr

2008 Toyota Matrix - Florida 12/29/2011

We traded in a beast of a gas guzzler that was in cream puff shape, so I don't think we got the best possible deal for the extra I had to pay, but overall, I am very please with my experience and purchase. We downsized, but I would rather drive this Toyota any day over the monster I traded in. This Toyota is the sportier version of the Matrix, so my husband and I have already "tricked out" the car a bit by adding a killer subwoofer for the sound and some sporty extras like a larger chrome tailpipe, tinted window visors and a visor for the top of the car where the moonroof is. It already has performance tires on it, which make the care extremely responsive and easy and fun to drive. The car came to us in excellent condition, with an average amount of mileage on it for its age. It is fun to drive and a lot less stressful because I can see everything in front of and in back of me (my old car had poor rear visibility which always made it tricky to drive). Plus, my old car didn't have the responsive that the Matrix has, since it is smaller car and has performance tires on it. It handles like a breeze. I guess you could say I am a satisfied customer.

Our Second Matrix!

2008 Toyota Matrix Sue - Skokie, IL 12/11/2007

We bought our daughter a Toyota Matrix in 2003 and it has never been in the shop expect for recommended maintenance. She made 3 trips to Texas (1000 mi. each) without a glitch and the gas mileage is great. The reason I decided to buy a Matrix 2008 is that you sit up somewhat higher than in a sedan; when I turn to get out of the car, my knees are at 90 degrees so I don't have to push myself up - I simply stahd up. For someone with bad arthritis, this was a real plus. I splurged and got one with a sunroof, 4 CD player and power everything. Finally, the storage space is great - be sure to purchase containers for your groceries to prevent them from rolling around. The Matrix is not the lap of luxury - it's a great-looking car with excellent mileage and reliability. Check "Consumer Reports" for more data.

Very Versatile Package

2008 Toyota Matrix Riffraff3055 - Charlottesville, Va 07/15/2010

1.8 liter, 4-cylinder XR No, the Matrix isn't the most luxurious or the most powerful car available but it is fun to drive and very versatile. What you get is a car with a cool look that gets the job done at a great value. The fuel economy is top notch at over 30 mpg on the highway and just under 30 in the city. The seat are comfortable even after hours in the saddle and the rear seat is roomy enough for even your tallest friends. Every seat, save the driver's, folds flat to accommodate long and wide cargo. One minor annoyance is that cargo slides around on the hard plastic in the hatch. We solved the problem by cutting a yoga mat to fit the area and attaching it with velcro; A $20 fix. That same hard plastic is easy to clean so it is a pro and a con simultaneously. The interior is finished well and all the controls are easy to use and intuitive. Unfortunately our model did not come with an audio in to support iPod capability, which is one of the only disappointments for us. All in all I highly recommend the Matrix. It's a sporty and versatile car at a great value.

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