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(31 Reviews)

Impressed with the room

2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid owner - VA 07/27/2011

We've had a Toyota Highlander Hybrid for a number of years and have been really happy with it. When it was time to get a 2nd car, we took my long commute into account and went with the most fuel efficient Hybrid we could find. I was immediately impressed when we drove it cross country from Wisconsin to Virginia on about 15 gallons of gas, which only cost about $50 total! But that is why we purchased the car... What I wasn't expecting was the immense internal capacity. With the back seats folded down, it can really hold a lot. For example, I was able to fit an entire 7-piece dining set (Table and 6 chairs) in the back, while still getting the rear door to close. The only thing I am not crazy about is the view out of the back window. I feel like I can't see as well as I'd like when backing up. But it is something I am getting more and more used to. Overall, it's been a terrific car thus far and we are both really happy with the purchase.

Great car

2007 Toyota Prius relsuccess - Woodstock, IL 05/01/2011

I got a 2007 Prius as the gas prices were climbing and my other car was only getting 20 mpg. I was afraid I would miss the powerful engine I had but my Prius is pretty fast at going too when needed. Of course that uses more gas so I try to conserve. It takes a little practice to learn how to get the best mpg by coasting when possible but now I just love it. I am saving the amount of my car payment in gas now and I love the extra features on my car. I have GPS, the outside temp, the keyless entry (beware, those keys are very expensive if lost), the rearview mirror adjusts for car lights shining in, and having all the controls on my steering wheel. Having the back seat go down also provides more space for large things you need to carry home.

That Prius is One Fine Girl!

2007 Toyota Prius Prius Luver - Laureldale, PA 01/26/2007

With just one head-to-toe, roof-to-wheel glance at the style and shape of my Prius, I was already smitten. Its unique, highly-domed shape makes it stand out, and more roomy inside. Its long, sleek front window also makes it very aerodynamic. Prius runs partially on electric, so when I come to a stop the gas engine completely shuts off and the electric motor keeps everything running smoothly with absolutely no delay pulling out. It's amazingly quiet, and starts with the push of a button--no keys! It's like driving a toy! No fumbling to get out the remote to open the door either, as just having it anywhere on you is all it takes. I simply touch the door handle and it opens. I like to tell people, "it knows me." The car is extremely strong and gives a powerful highway performance. A friend who has owned many cars asked to drive it, and also commented on how strong the car feels. Actually--everyone has been asking me to drive it, even if just around the block. Other bells and whistles include self-defrosting mirrors, numerous glove compartments and secret storage hiding spots. The back of the car itself is very roomy and the seats fold down to transport as much loot as you like with an added cool feature of a fake rug cover that pulls out and attaches over your stuff so nosey walkers-by can't see what goodies you got through the back window. And the cherry on top is the touch screen display panel. It gives you a trip planner, tells you your fuel consumption among other goodies including a back-up camera. It's fun watching a live video of my back-up skills without turning my head. But most importantly, because my Prius girl runs partially on electric, the car is helping save the planet, while saving my wallet.

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