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Used 2010 Toyota Prius Four for Sale

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Reviews for 2010 Toyota Prius

Overall Rating

4.8 out of 5(110 reviews)

My 2010 Prius Was the Best Purchase of My Life!

I had been driving beater cars for most of my life and after my most recent beater became unreliable, I decided it was time to fork over a little more money and get a descent, reliable car. I drive about 500 miles a week for work so I also wanted something fuel efficient. I tend to drive fast and I like to have some get-up when I am driving in case I need to zoom past anyone and I was concerned about what kind of get-up the Prius would have. After test driving a couple I found that it had all the power and get-up that I needed. Since I purchased the car about 2 months ago I have put over 5,000 miles on it and I have been averaging 47 miles per gallon! The money that I am saving on gas almost pays for my car payment. I didn't think I could afford this car, but it made sense once I realized how much I would not be spending on gas. The car has an AUX hookup so I can listen to my IPod and talk on my phone through the car speakers, even though it doesn�t have blue tooth. I also love the center console with all of the buttons right at the tip of your fingers even when your arm is resting on the armrest. I have been driving in "Eco Mode" because I do not drive as conservatively as I probably should and I am still averaging 47 miles per a gallon although I have gotten as high as 55 mpg! I love all the charts that help you track your mpg as well. I actually pay attention and adjust how I am driving based on the MPG that I am getting. I have not had any issues with the car and it is a very smooth ride. It can get a little loud on the highway, but I just turn on some music and I don't even notice the road noise. The trunk is also very spacious and the seats fold down to give even more room if needed. The car is also very comfortable and surprisingly roomy. I spend a LOT of time in my car and I have not once wished for anything else or anything different. I am also very happy because there are very few differences between to 2010 and the 2012 standard packages. The 2010 does not have Bluetooth (but as I already mentioned it does have the AUX hookup so it is almost the same) and it does not have a touch screen display, but those are really the only differences that I noticed. I am hoping to drive this car for at least 300,000 miles, but when it does break down I am definitely getting another one!

- Smileycarr, 2010 Toyota Prius

The Right Choice So Far

So Far the Prius has exceeded my expectations. I love the way the gauges makes you aware of your driving habits and you become addicted to achieving the highest MPG. The Car is solid and drives smooth. I wish Toyota would have insulated the doors and cabin for a more quieter ride. I believe All Prius's should have mandatory backup cameras. The Prius has the Worst backup blind spot of any vehicle I have ever driven. I used to have a Lead foot before I bought the Prius and now I am a firm believer in driving slow and achieving no less than 600 mile on a tank full (10 gallon tank). The Prius does has plenty of power to pass and getting on the freeway is not problem at all. Overall, this car gets an A+. If I could give the Prius a higher grade it would be AAA+++. Thank you CarMax

- 1mackjr, 2010 Toyota Prius

Good car Bad comfort

I owned a 2010 prius for 3 months. It was a very nice car. Not put together very well though. The center armrest had to be fixed 5 times and was broken when it was traded in. The door armrest also broke 1 time. I did get 42-48 mpg driving my usual 500 or so miles a week. My problem with it was after 4 weeks I started up with back pain that was so bad it sent me to the er. I then had 3 weeks of physical therapy. I put in lumbar support thinking it would help and unfortunatly it did not. I then had no choice but to get rid of it. I got where I could not stand to drive across town with it. Which was a problem since I drive 75 miles to work and back every day. I got to where I was driving 85 mph just to get to and from as fast as I could go. With all of this I learned that a tall heavy set person should not buy a prius. I loved all the cool features but it was not a good fit.

- Respiratory, 2010 Toyota Prius

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