Used 2009 Toyota Sienna CE For Sale

(369 Reviews)

2009 Toyota Sienna CE Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 3.5L
Horsepower 266 horsepower@6200rpm
MPG City 17
MPG Highway 23

Customer Review Summary for Toyota Sienna

(369 Reviews)


2008 Toyota Sienna Andrew Carney - Glendale, CA 10/31/2016

this has been the best car buy i have made. Aside from the mpg i have not had one problem or issue with this van. It is reliable and is very versatile. The guys at car max were very helpful and understanding when i got this car. My credit was less than sub par and they were patient with me and at the end of the day literally they pulled through and its been the best move ive made so far

Awesome Ride

2009 Toyota Sienna E Agustin - Chula Vista, CA 09/21/2016

Roomy, good gas milage, reliable

Sienna is PERFECT!

2006 Toyota Sienna Twin Mobile - Rescue, Ca 12/01/2011

NUTS AND BOLTS: A safe, reliable, convenient vehicle that can simplify anyone's life, especially that of a mother or father who totes around one or five children. I will never buy another car until the kids have flown the coop (like I said, never) or I win the lottery. Before this van I had tried out quite a few cars. Like most people, I refused to get a minivan out of sheer stubbornness and refusal to wave goodbye to my youth (regardless of Toyota's commercial attempts to make the minivan "cool"). Out of sheer luck I had to rent a car and they were out of what I had reserved so I was upgraded for free to a Dodge minvan. With having 2 year old twins, a back problem and being a single mother, I was sold within one hour on purchasing a minivan. However, I knew I did not prefer the Dodge for multiple reasons. So after doing some homework I knew that I either wanted a Honda or Toyota. I knew that the cars maintained their value as long as the car...well...was maintained by the owner and however many gum chewing, cleat wearing, sleep overs's it had lived through. I was able to purchase a 2006, fully loaded Toyota Sienna with less than 50k miles on it and at a price you could only find haggle free at CarMax. I love the car. It is comfortable, good for anything and everything. So far the kids seem to really enjoy it and they are only 2! The all wheel drive feature, while it does not enhance the mpg, it is perfect for where I live and for when I want to make those Tahoe trips. We recently went on a trip to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks. We were able to fit 4 adults (2 of which were women...for luggage information) and 2 children in car seats NO PROBLEM. I am talking nothing on top of the car, no Lampoons style ride on our 2 hour voyage to San Francisco airport - drive in total comfort. The only thing I feel this car is lacking has solely to do with the year of it's make. While it has an aux jack for your i-whatever's, it is not as gadget friendly as most car models dated 2008 and up. With that being said, the electronic package for a 2006 is amazing. I love the built in blue tooth, the navigation-you name it, it has it - even a programmable distance you can set between your car and for the automatic braking for the car in front of you for cruise control. Initially, the color was not my first choice, or second, or third....but upon seeing the car in person it is really nice and nothing too flashy soxi ended up being impressed and overly pleased even with the color of the vehicle. So the overall take home message to this lengthy review is that I gladly wave au revoir to whatever youthful fantasy I maintained. The car is perfect for my need and I can comfortably say it would be suitable for most any family's needs. The remote everything makes packing the kid, groceries, furniture, whatever, amazingly simple. This car has been everything I hoped for and more. Since purchasing it 3 months ago we have already had the misfortune of hitting a deer at a pretty fast speed. We were able to drive off and most importantly nobody in the vehicle suffered any discomfort, except for the obvious visual discomfort that is associated with hitting Bambi. The Toyota Sienna is safe, reliable, comfortable, convenient, and quite luxurious given it's purpose; which in my mind is live through the torments children both consciously and unconsciously subject upon it's body and to someday be the first vehicle passed down for when the twins can drive, oh won't they be thrilled!

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