Used 2007 Toyota Tacoma For Sale

(60 Reviews)

2007 Toyota Tacoma Base Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 2.7L
Horsepower 159 horsepower@5200rpm
MPG City 19
MPG Highway 25

Customer Review Summary for 2007 Toyota Tacoma

(60 Reviews)

Tacoma Truck

2007 Toyota Tacoma Noles - Pembroke Pines, FL 06/17/2009

I test drove a few trucks before getting the Taco. As soon as I entered the Taco I knew I had to get it, nothing else comes close to the interior, it's realy like a sedan. The ride is a little bouncy but I also drive a BMW which has stiff suspension so I am not used to the Taco. I feel as though I will rear end someone because I'm used to stopping at closer distances. I drive the truck on weekends so I have to get a better feel for it but I'm liking being up high and can see above all the cars. I haven't driven it over 1k miles so I really can't find anything wrong with it. I got it used and I have noticed a lot of paint chips that were filled in around the wheel fenders, I just hope they don't rust later on.

Best mid-sized truck around

2007 Toyota Tacoma Robert Hyatt - Pelham, AL 06/24/2015

This is a 4.0 v6 automatic 2WD. It is consistently getting over 20 mpg, which is outstanding for a truck this size. Rides better than my older (2004) Ford Ranger, has more power, gets better mileage, is quieter inside, all in all it is a winner.

Great Truck

2007 Toyota Tacoma Shawnerz - Western Maryland 08/07/2012

The truck performs well. I went from 4 cylinder Honda Civic to the 6 cylinder Tacoma. Gas consumption nearly doubled. But, it has a great ride and I love driving it. Plenty of power, 4 door for family and kids, 4X4 for winter snow, built in inverter (400 watts) for tailgating or emergency 120V, are some of the cool features. I haven't towed with it yet, so I can't saw how well the transmission and engine do under a heavy load. But no complaints as of yet.

2007 Toyota Tacoma Overview

For anyone looking into buying a midsize or compact pickup truck, the 2007 Toyota Tacoma could be the right choice. It offers the opportunity for on and off-road fun, along with a powerful engine and great quality construction. Drivers can also expect a large number of configurations and features to choose from, so they can get what they really like in a truck for a price they feel good about. The Tacoma does have flaws, but they pale in comparison to all the features and benefits drivers can expect, making this a great truck overall.

2007 Toyota Tacoma History

With a heritage that goes back more than 40 years, Toyota has consistently produced quality cars and trucks. The Tacoma is no exception to that, and has consistently given drivers what they're looking for. The 2007 Tacoma hasn't undergone significant changes from the 2006 model, but some improvements have been made. Additionally, the Tacoma comes with so many great features that were already on the previous model year. Drivers who choose this truck over the competition can expect:

  • Upgraded front seats that are more comfortable than past models
  • Revised audio head units and dash for 2007
  • Diversity in body configuration and a quality build
  • Excellent ability off the road and a powerful V6 engine
  • An interior that is well-appointed and has a number of features

How It Drives

Driving the 2007 Toyota Tacoma is surprisingly enjoyable. Not everyone thinks of pickup trucks as being fun to drive unless they're taking them off road, but the Tacoma is nice to drive even when in traffic or headed down the interstate. It's a very capable truck and handles well, making it sure-footed on all kinds of surfaces and in plenty of different climates and weather changes. There is also plenty of towing capability with this truck, which is an area where some of the smaller and midsize models are lacking. Drivers won't be disappointed in how much cargo they can haul and tow with the Tacoma.

Used 2007 Toyota Tacoma Value

The Tacoma holds its own when it comes to value. Unlike its competitors, it avoids that compact-truck feeling of claustrophobia. It also offers more features than most of its competition and has a number of different sizes to choose from. That gives it the edge when compared to Ford and Chevy trucks in a similar size, helping it retain value and command a higher price. Fortunately, the pricing of the Tacoma has always been reasonable, so holding its value is a good thing for owners and not a detriment to buyers who are looking for a high-quality, compact pickup truck.

Design & Performance

Drivers who choose the 2007 Toyota Tacoma can get three different body styles and sizes: regular, extended, and crew cab. The bed sizes are longer with the smaller cabs, but the crew cab does offer a version with an extended wheel base. The truck also comes with anti-lock brakes and stability control, along with a five-star crash test rating. Anyone choosing the 2007 Tacoma can also expect:

  • More features on the larger size trucks
  • A four-cylinder or V6 engine option, with V6 exclusively on the crew cab
  • Manual and automatic transmission options with either engine
  • A maximum tow rating of 6,500 pounds when properly equipped

Powertrain & Engine

Two engines are available on the standard and extended cab models of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma, while the crew cab uses only the V6. The 2.7L four-cylinder engine offers 159 hp, and the 4.0L V6 comes in at 236 hp. Drivers will like both engines, although the V6 can be noisy at times. All body styles also offer rear-wheel or four-wheel drive, and the manual or automatic transmission is an option with all body styles and engine choices. While the V6 will move the Tacoma down the road faster, the four-cylinder engine provides enough power for just about everything a driver would need to do with this truck.

Body Style & Interior Comfort

While it's clearly a pickup truck, the 2007 Toyota Tacoma has managed to avoid that overall boxy look that some manufacturers just can't get away from. The design is as sleek as possible, and the body style has an elegance that drivers will enjoy. The cab is surprisingly roomy, helping drivers and passengers feel more comfortable. When choosing the Tacoma you can expect:

  • Comfort and practicality with gauges and controls that are easy to use
  • A rear seat that's big enough for adults on the crew cab model
  • Plenty of storage space
  • A dent-resistant and non-rusting cargo bed on all models

Overall, the 2007 Toyota Tacoma is a great truck with plenty to offer. Some drivers feel the seat is too low and close to the floor, but still comfortable for long periods of driving and enjoying the road.

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