Used 2009 Toyota Venza For Sale

(31 Reviews)

2009 Toyota Venza Base Specifications

Feature Description
Transmission Automatic
Engine 2.7L
Horsepower 182 horsepower@5800rpm
MPG City 21
MPG Highway 29

Customer Review Summary for 2009 Toyota Venza

(31 Reviews)


2009 Toyota Venza cloudy - , 11/08/2013

The one thing that im very upset about is I did not get this wonderful car first. The seats are very light in color and stain very easy that the on thing I would change .

Very spacious car

2009 Toyota Venza Rebeca - FL 05/26/2012

I bought the V6 base model the year it came out (2009) and love how spacious it is inside. The nose of the car, like most Toyotas, is short so that's great as they concentrated on making great space for the rest of the car. There is a lot of leg room in the back seat and the car is wide; we have been able to fit 4 adults in the back with no long as it's a short ride! The trunk is huge and I love the keyless entry feature as well as the push to start button :) The engine power is great as it is a Toyota so it's a given. We actually traded in our Venza for a Toyota Sequoia and I miss it dearly!!! The only complaint I had about the Venza was the FWD...I don't drive like a Nascar driver but I would notice that if I accelerated too fast, the wheels would actually slide and make a screeching noise and I'd actually lose control for a second or two. Also, if I were to make any sharp turns at a fast speed, I wouldn't have great control of the car for a few seconds. The Venza isn't a sports car so don't drive it like one!!! All in all, a great car that doesn't look like your average "wagon". The rims on the V6 model are very nice looking :)

Only One Problem

2009 Toyota Venza Barb - southern Wisconsin 12/31/2011

Great value, great safety features, great visibility. I love the triangle windows that allow me to see both ways at stop signs and when turning corners. I no longer pull right out in front of cars hidden by the outside mirrror housings. Mileage isn't great but safety is more important to me. My one complaint is if I reach to adjust radio or temperature, my coat sleeve catches on the gear lever and too easily moves it from Drive to Neutral. The lever is too sensitive and lacks a safety button to prevent these accidental changes. I test drove in summer so had no way to notice the problem.

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