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(14 Reviews)

Love my Volvo

2007 Volvo S60 Cookie - Miami 05/16/2012

I am a very happy customer who purchase a 2007 Volvo S60. Love the style and the luxury.

S60 R

2007 Volvo S60 Quattro007 - Lincoln, CA 04/01/2010

The S60 R does not disappoint, well other than the turning radius. The 3 position suspension setting is great, the Comfort setting is still sporty enough that I leave it there most of the time. Sport setting is great for spirited driving and the Advanced setting is very stiff and perfect for hard driving on smooth roads, but not very comfortable for everyday driving. The 300hp engine has plenty of power with slight turbo lag below 2000. Fuel economy is not quite as good as I hoped with an average of 19mpg for mixed driving while pure highway average can be as good as 26mpg with a steady foot and flat road. The all wheel drive definitely helps cornering performance and boy does this thing corner. The 4C system is always monitoring so just a slight step out of the rear end will bring out the corrections from the system, I�ve seen the stability control light blink on a couple times letting me know it�s doing something. Fit and finish is superb in this car with clever convenience features everywhere� they thought of everything. Rear seat leg room is minimal for tall people without moving the front seats forward a good amount. The front seats, while well bolstered, take a little while to break in under the thighs. Until they do, they lead to slight discomfort on long drives. The rear seat leg room and initial front seat comfort led to the lower score for comfort. The turning radius is pretty lousy though I found this out in research before making the decision to get this model. The R model was designed to compete with the well known German performance saloons and I think it�s right up there. All-in-all I�m very pleased with this car, you can�t beat the price for the performance.


2007 Volvo S60 Kelito919 - Boston, MA 05/25/2011

This was an absolute steal with 22k miles in pristine condition. Car has all of the options: Sports Trim, Heated Seats, Surround Sound and a booming system, Sunroof, etc.. While it still maintains the look of an S60, it definitely has a sportier trim, different rims, spoiler, exhaust, and what-not from your average S60. On the interior, the two-tone leather seats, brushed aluminum trim, and blue chrome dials definitely set it apart. Since my wife has owned the '04 S60 for five years, I can speak with authority about the difference in the overall driving experience which is nothing short of night and day. While I always thought that car had a nice, even punchy acceleration, with that European luxury sedan kind of handling, the R blows it out of the water. Even in the comfort mode, with the sport setting off on the shifter, you can feel the extra hundred or so hp. Turn all that on, and it becomes a speeding ticket machine. If you're doing 65 on the freeway, and punch it to pass a car doing 75, you never feel that immediate drop in power as the car shifts to a lower gear -- it just engages the turbo, and screeches tires, giving you both minor whiplash, and the satisfaction that you just owned some dude in a seventy thousand dollar beemer. As others have said, the turning radius is the only thing that leaves something to be desired, but you get used to it. It's a small price to pay for what you get. The only other con is that if you do manage to find one of these (I spent a few months in search of this one) with decent mileage, it's probably one of the few left out there, 'cause they ain't making them any more. So drive carefully...

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2007 Volvo S60 T5 Specifications

257 horsepower@5500rpm
MPG City
MPG Highway

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